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Get in Shape

- kunnossa_inttiin_200x300.pngThis course is designed to build you in shape for the Army or to pass Physical Fitness Tests. By following a specialized exercise program you will gain more power, stamina and speed that will help you reach your goals. We will give you instructions, support, and the tools for success; the rest is up to you.

Get in Shape package

This course includes a 3- month card for the gym (also swimming) and 3 personal trainer sessions.

  • 1st session: a muscle fitness test and a personal fitness program
  • 2nd session: Cooper- test (or a similar running test) and modifying your personal fitness program
  • 3rd session: carrying out a case-specific Physical Fitness Test and further instructions

Price 198 €

For more information
Lari Salama  or tel. 040 487 0513