Established in 1959, Urheiluhallit is a provider of refreshingly pleasant indoor exercise services. There’s no need to be nervous with us – you can come just as you are and exercise as you want to, with no membership fees. Helsinki’s most versatile provision of sports, our clean and functional facilities, and friendly staff await you. See you there!


- uimakoulu_aikuiset_200x155.pngSwimming

People of all ages and fitness levels can come and swim independently or sign up for the versatile Swimming Courses we offer.



- pilates_200x155.pngGroup Exersice

The term group exercise includes all instructor-led classes we offer, both floor and water classes.




- kuntonyrkkeily_200x155.pngCourses

We offer a versatile selection of courses that are a great way for you to get started in a particular sport.








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