A swimmer’s paradise, with good public transport connections. Finland’s biggest swimming hall is fantastic, light and very versatile. Popular with a broad range of audiences, from babies to grandparents and from beginners to top athletes. Great meeting and private sauna opportunities. There are also reasonably priced parking facilities available for those who prefer to drive.
Renovations at Mäkelänrinne




Facilities in Mäkelänrinne

Swimming, lanes 5x50m / 7x25m
Pool for toddlers
Pool for children 
Cold water tank 
Hydro massage /virkistysallas
Pool lift 
Pool for diving + Diving apparatus
Saunas + Steam sauna
Swimming courses
Ball Sports 
Group exercise
Personal trainer
Meeting rooms
Private saunas
Facilities for rent
Parking fee 0,50 €/hour

Lunch cafe Uppopulla
tel. 09 3488 6591
Massage Ari Kumpulainen
tel. 0400 703 293
Essenuoto shop
tel. 020 144 2979
tel. 029 123 7000