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- uinti_200x300.pngSwimming is an invigorating sport that has remained as one of the most popular forms of
exercise year after year. People of all ages and fitness levels can come and swim independently or sign up for the versatile Swimming Courses we offer.

In addition to swimming, there are other ways of exercising in the water, such as water
running and instructed water exercise in groups. Water adds a different intensity to your routine, as it naturally resists your movements and keeps the stress off your joints. You can borrow or buy a water running belt from our centers, and learn the right running technique by signing up for a Water Running Course or take Private Lessons.

Age Limit

In order to swim alone, non-swimming children or those who under the age of 10 need a chaperone who is at least 15 years old and can swim. Children under the age of 10 who can swim need a written consent from a guarding to swim alone. We recommend that children over the age of 7 use gender appropriate locker rooms. NOTE! The 20 and 50 meter swimming pools are only allowed for those who can swim at least 25 meters.

Rent or Buy Swimming Accessories

You can rent swim wear and towels from our centers. We also sell swim caps, swim goggles, water running belts, shampoo and soap.


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