Our Terms and Conditions of Customer Contracts provide an answer to many frequently asked questions – have you checked there yet?


Can I try out the exercise services by paying a single-visit fee?

Yes. You can always try out the gym and group exercise classes or go swimming by paying a single-visit fee.

Why can’t I book group exercise classes online?

You can make bookings online if you have a customer account with a user password, and valid single visits, multi-visit or monthly card for group exercise or a supercard. You can get the user password from the sports hall’s customer service when purchasing services or by registering as a new customer on our webpage. Note! If you suspect you already have an existing customer account or you simply cannot remember your user password, do not register again. Confirm your account status by calling or visiting the sport hall’s customer service or order a new password in the Log in -section. If you have successfully logged-in and still cannot make class bookings, the reason might be one of the following:

  • The service that you are trying to book has not yet been purchased and added to your account.
  • It is possible that you have two customer accounts in our system: one is linked to the email address that you used to log in, while the other holds the services you purchased. The information on the two accounts can be combined. Send an email to asiakaspalvelu(at) and state your email address and name in the message. We will correct your account information and send you a new password, which you can use to log in.
  • Your booking quota might be full. The quota is calculated as follows: You may only have 10 bookings for future classes within a two-week period.
  • The services you purchased may have expired. See the Terms and Conditions of Customer Contracts for more details.


I tried to register, but I didn't received a password to my email. What’s the problem?

  • Most likely, the password sent to you by our system has gone to the email spam folder or has been caught by the email service provider’s filter.
  • There was a spelling mistake in the email address you provided when registering.
  • There was an error with your internet connection when you were registering, and your registration was not completed. Please send email to asiakaspalvelu(at) and tell us the email address you tried to register with, and we will send you a password.

Why can’t I see the full group exercise calendar and why aren’t all the calendar functions working.

You may be using an outdated browser version. We recommend that you use the latest version of Firefox. You can download it at Firefox is safe and very stable. The booking program also functions in other browsers, but make sure that you have the latest updated version of the browser.
If you are already using the latest version of the browser and you still notice abnormalities, it often helps to clear your browser history:

  • Internet Explorer: Tools → Internet options → Browsing history → Delete Mozilla
  • Firefox: Options → Privacy & Security → History: Choose the option ‘Firefox will remember history’ and then click the link ‘clear your recent history’ and delete all.
  • Chrome: Menu → History → Clear browsing data → Obliterate the following items from: ‘the beginning of time’


I received an email about an open spot in a course/swimming school. I immediately answered the email, but your booking system still has me on the waiting list. Why didn’t I get the open spot?

You cannot sign up for a course/swimming school by answering an email. You must click the link to our booking system that is provided in the email and pay the participation fee.


I received an email about an open spot on a course / swimming school, but I can’t find the opening in the booking system. Why?

The notification about an open spot is sent to everyone on the waiting list and the one who reacts to the message first will receive the spot.

I received an email notification about a penalty fee deducted from my group exercise card due to an uncancelled booking, even though I attended the class! How can I get the penalty removed?

Please answer the email you received and explain your situation. We will check the matter and delete the penalty if it was unwarranted

Why can’t I see a payment confirmation for my child’s swimming school booking via the ‘My Account’ -link?

If you made the booking under your child’s name, the confirmation of successful payment can be found in their account. The child’s account is automatically linked to your account. Once you have logged in to , you can check your child’s account information via the ‘My Account’ -link.


How do I check the period of validity of my purchases?

Log in to the booking system and choose the ‘My Account’ -link in the top bar on the page. You can check your personal information to see how many visits you have left and when a purchased service will expire, for example. The purchases’ periods of validity and other information can also be checked by calling or visiting our customer service.

How can I book a badminton court?

You can make a single badminton court booking by calling the customer service point of the location. You can also make single badminton court bookings in our webshop for Pasila, Kallio, Mäkelänrinne and Vuosaaari. If you want to book a badminton court on a regular basis, please contact Mika Haapasalo, who oversees regular bookings for ball sports facilities, tel. +358 (0)9 3488 6407 or

How can I order a gift card online?

You can buy a gift card via our online shop, click here for more information. Alternatively, you can buy a gift card for the sum of your choosing at the sports hall’s customer service point.

How many times can a 3-/6-month card be placed on hold?

For more information on placing a monthly card on hold, see section 9 of our Terms and Conditions of Customer Contracts.


I registered for a fitness boxing course, but I’m not sure if my registration went through, since I haven’t received any type of confirmation email. Will I receive an invoice afterwards or how do I pay for the course?

All our courses are always paid in full when registering. Once you have transferred the service you want to buy to your shopping cart in the online shop and selected ‘Payment’, you will be forwarded to Paytrail Oy’s website, where the transaction will take place. If, for any reason, the payment transaction is interrupted or you do not return from your online bank’s website to our online shop after the payment, the registration is not completed. If, however, the registration and payment are successfully completed but you still do not receive a confirmation email, please check your email spam folder to make sure it was not forwarded there by accident.

When and how can I sign up for a swimming school/sports camps/children’s sports courses?

We will provide information on registrations on our website, on Facebook and in our newsletter before they begin. If you have not yet subscribed to our newsletter, subscribe now.

You can register for swimming schoolssports camps and children’s sports courses either at the customer service point of the location or online via PLEASE NOTE! The swimming school, course and camp fees must always be paid in full when registering.


Can’t I pay with, for example, an Edenred card in your online shop?

An Edenred card is an exercise benefit provided by the employer and therefore not accepted as means of payment in our online shop. In accordance with the Tax Administration’s instructions, if misuse is suspected, for example, if an exercise benefit card has been stolen, the Service Provider must be able to ask the card holder to prove their identity with an ID card.

As our online shop does not have the capability to verify an individual’s identity in accordance with the Tax Administration’s requirements, our online shop accepts only online banking credentials (via Paytrail Oyj) and Visa, Visa Electron or MasterCard cards. .

The Edenred homepage also now mentions that card payments are verified with a signature, rather than a PIN code. This is to ensure that the Service Provider has the capability to check that the card is used in accordance with the Tax Administration’s instructions.

However, Ticket Duo and Smartum cards, just like many other exercise benefits, can be used to pay for personal exercise services at the customer service point of each of our locations.

How can I cancel a course/swimming school/event/ sport camp I already paid for?

We charge a processing fee of 10 € for all cancellations. Any cancellations must be made no later than six weeks before the start of the course or swimming school. Cancellations any later than this will only be accepted if a medical certificate is presented. Contact the person in charge of swimming schools to cancel a swimming school registration. When cancelling a course or an event participation, please email our customer service: asiakaspalvelu(at)