Welcome to the Gym!

In the Helsinki area

With a gym card, you will have access to the gym services of our eight locations: Kallio, Kontula, Malmi, Mäkelänrinne, Pasila, Siltamäki, Töölö and Vuosaari.

Swimming is included in the price

After a work-out, you can go swimming and visit the sauna. At Mäkelänrinne and Vuosaari we charge a small additional fee (3€ / 2€).


Buy multi-visit, monthly and single-visit gym cards easily online or at the customer service point of the location.

You will need a customer account to be able to purchase services online. Once you have also purcahsed a customer card (4 €), you can easily access the entrance gates without having to check in at the customer service point. 

Gym Etiquette

  1. Indoor sportswear
    Bring your indoor exercise clothes and footwear with you. Do not use shoes that you have used outdoors inside the gym.
  2. Work-out towel and a water bottle
    We request you to use a work-out towel. Please remember to wipe down the gym equipment after use. Only use a drinking bottle with a lid or top.
  3. Sports equipment
    Always return the equipment you have used to its original place.
  4. Politeness
    Give everyone the chance to train in peace. It is polite to let others use the equipment between your sets.
  5. Use of mobile phone
    Please leave your mobile phone in the dressing room. This ensures uninterrupted training for everyone.
  6. Storing your belongings
    The lockers and safety deposit boxes are for daily use only. Overnight storing is not allowed.
  7. Age limit
    The age limit for the gym is 15 years.
  8. Safety
    If you have any questions or would like more guidance, please consult our personnel. We also recommend getting a personal gym workout plan..