Benefit from the student discounts prices we offer from swimming, group exercise, gym, and badminton services.

Urheiluhallit eight locations Kallio, Kontula, Malmi, Mäkelänrinnne, Pasila, Siltamäki Töölö and Vuosaari provide excellent exercise facilities for versatile training.

Students receive a 10 % discount from single-visit, 10-visit and monthly *gym and *group exercise cards, supercards, as well as from the 10-visit badminton morning card. Additionally, students receive a hall specific discount from single-visit and 10-visit swimming cards.

Gym and group exercise price also include swimming at Kallio, Malmi, Kontula, Siltamäki and Töölö. (extra fee of 2 € at Vuosaari and 3 € at Mäkelänrinne). Note! Pasila location does not have a swimming pool.


 How do I receive a student discount?

  • Studying must be your primary occupation, lasting at least 9 months, and involving a minimum of 25 study hours per week.
  • You will receive a discount by showing your student card at the hall customer service point. We can also add your student discount status to your customer account information after which you can buy services at student discount prices at our webshop. NOTE! Only student discounts will be available to you at our webshop, if you have a student discount status added to your customer account information. If you wish to buy other discount or campaign services you will have to make the purchase at the hall customer service point.
  • We accept the following student identifications: Samok, Syl, Sakki, Frank, The Union of Upper Secondary School Student card, VR’s student card, the Finnish Board of Education student card, FSS, International Student Card, KELA’s meal subsidy card, KELA Financial Aid for Students document. Certificate of Student Status issued by the educational institution is valid for an academic year at a time.
  • Student card period of validity is indicated by its year tag. Year tags can be picked up at the Student Service
  • Those in Upper Secondary School for adults or workforce training are not entitled to student discounts.

Note! No student discounts from Gym 2 or Weight room prices (Vuosaari).

We have versatile gyms at Kallio, Malmi, Vuosaari, Töölö, Mäkelänrinne, Pasila, Siltamäki and Kontula



Badminton courts are located at Pasila, Kallio and Vuosaari. Make single court bookings for Pasila and Vuosaari at the webshop or by phone. For Kallio and Vuosaari, single court bookings only by phone.