Around Helsinki

You will have an all-day access to the gym, group exercise and swimming pools at all our locations (Kallio, Kontula, Malmi, Mäkelänrinne, Pasila, Siltamäki, Töölö ja Vuosaari).

Choose either a 1-month or 3-month supercard.

Note! As a supercard holder, always check in at the self-service terminal or at the customer service point and choose which service you want to use. After checking in, you can access through the entrance gates by showing your customer card on the reader.

Swimming is included in the price

After group exercise or gym training, you can go swimming and visit the sauna.

Wide range of class options

Come and try out our various group exercise classes and find your own favorites from over 40 different class options.


Buy a supercard easily online or at the customer service point of the location.

You will need a customer account to be able to purchase services online. As a new customer you can collect a customer card from any of our customer service points for free and easily access the entrance gates without having to check in at the customer service point.

Class bookings

Make bookings online by logging into the booking system. You can also browse the classes without logging in. You can make a booking if you have single-visit, multi-visit or monthly services on your account and the class has available spots left. If you do not have group exercise services on your account, you can make a booking by calling or visiting the hall’s customer service point (not via email).

You can make bookings:

with single, multi-visit and monthly cards for up to 10 different classes / 2-week period (15 days).

Arriving to class

Remember to be there at least 10 minutes before the class begins. Otherwise the spot you have booked will be released to the first person in the queue. If you are at the entrance gate less than 10 minutes before the class starts, come to our customer service point or check yourself in at the self-service terminal. After the class has begun, entry to the changing rooms through the gate will be closed.

Cancelling a booking

If you cannot attend a class for which you have made a booking, cancel it well in advance either through the booking system or by calling (not via email). Make the cancellation preferably 24 hours but no later than three (3) hours before the class begins. This way you release the spot you have reserved for someone in the queue and avoid any unnecessary charges.



Gym Etiquette

1. Good manners in the gym
Working out in the gym is great when everybody plays by the same rules. By following our gym etiquette, you can ensure an enjoyable visit for yourself and others

2. Indoor sportswear
Please wear indoor shoes and exercise clothes. Outdoor footwear is prohibited in the gym for cleanliness reasons, so leave them in the locker room.

3. Clean after yourself
You can sweat at the gym, but pay attention to your fellow trainers. Therefore, use a workout towel and wipe off traces of use from gym equipment. After use, always return the exercise equipment (barbells, plate weights, dumbbells, etc.) to its original place. Leave the places in such a condition that it will be a pleasure for the next one to train after you.

4. Politeness an cooperation
The gym can get crowded and therefore it is polite to let others use the equipment between your sets and vice versa. Take into account fragrance-sensitive co-trainers and leave strong fragrances out of the training facilities. Avoid unnecessary noise and weight dropping. 

5. Mobile phone use
Leave your mobile phone in a safety deposit box. If you need your phone during a workout, keep it on silent. In this way, both yourself and others have the opportunity for undisturbed exercise. Handle calls and video calls outside the gym. Filming in the gym and locker rooms is prohibited.

6. Age limit
The age limit for going to the gym is 15 years.



Swimming Hall Rules

Showering is the most important thing. The dirtier the water, the more cleaning it requires (for example, the amount of chlorine in the water varies automatically according to the amount of impurities it contains). Good hygiene and proper swimwear guarantee a pleasant swimming experience for everyone. Children over the age of 7 must use gender appointed changing rooms.

Please read our Rules and Regulations before your visit and ask the personnel for more information, if needed.


Did you forget your swimwear at home?

You can rent swimwear and a towel at the hall customer service point. We also sell swim caps, goggles, buoyancy belts, shampoo and disposable sauna seat covers.

Is the swimming lane open?

You can check swimming lane bookings via the online shop. The view will show you when the lane in question is booked e.g. for swimming schools or instructed group exercise