Valid as of 1 September 2020


Service Provider = Urheiluhallit Oy (Urheiluhallit Oy, Mäkelänrinteen Uintikeskus Oy, Vuosaaren Urheilutalo Oy)

1. General Sales Terms

All sales between the Customer and the Service Provider are subject to the Sales Terms in this document. The Customer agrees to accept and follow these Sales Terms by making a service payment. The contract is finalized when the payment is made, and the Service Provider confirms it. The Service Provider will inform the Customer of any changes in the contract Terms and Conditions no later than one month before the changes take effect.

2. Personal monthly and multi-visit exercise services

All monthly and multi-visit exercise services are purchased to a customer account, to which a customer card is then linked (4€). The customer card enables you to access the gym, group exercise and swimming hall entrance gates or use the self-service terminal without having to check-in at the customer service point. Additionally, you may buy services, e.g. single visits, using your customer account in our online shop. The customer card and the purchased services are for personal use only. Misuse will lead to a temporary ban. If you wish to transfer the services you have purchased to someone else, please contact our customer service.

3. Validity period

All our services are valid for two years (730 days) from the date of purchase. The services (monthly and multi-visit cards) must be used in full within this period of validity, including the possible duration the service is placed on hold (6-month cards). 1-month card is valid for 30 days, 3-month card for 90 days and 6-month card for 180 days, starting from the first day of use. The validity periods of campaign and discounted services may differ from those stated in the Terms and Conditions of Customer Contracts.

4. Visit duration

A single visit to the swimming pool, group exercise or the gym is 2,5 hours per workout, including washing and dressing up (in through the gate, and out through the gate). The swim bonus must also be used within this time. Please arrive to group exercise classes no later than ten minutes before the starting time. Otherwise you might forfeit your booking to the next customer on queue. You can access through the entrance gates no earlier than 45 minutes (in Siltamäki 30 min.) before the class starts. If you are a day card holder, you must check in at the customer service point if you arrive to class earlier than 8.30 am. If you are at the gate less than 10 minutes before the class starts, check in at the self-service terminal or customer service point. NOTE! If you have more than one service on your card or a supercard, you must always check yourself in at the self-service terminal or at the customer service point.

5. Using the services

Purchased services are valid at those Service Provider’s locations that offer that service. If you wish to use your Urheiluhallit Oy* swim card at Mäkelänrinteen Uintikeskus or Vuosaaren Urheilutalo, you will need to pay a small extra fee. If you wish to use the services of an external Personal Trainer or similar, the trainer must pay a fee of 15€ / client for each session. As our customer, you can purchase a single visit or use your multi-visit or a monthly card. *) Kallio, Kontula, Malmi, Siltamäki

6. Swim bonus

You may swim for free after a gym or group exercise workout in all Urheiluhallit Oy* centers (subject to facility availability). In Mäkelänrinteen Uintikeskus we charge a 3€ extra fee and in Vuosaaren Urheilutalo 2€ extra fee.
*) Kallio, Kontula, Malmi, Siltamäki and Töölö

7. Payment

At our customer service points, we accept cash (euros), bank cards, Nets Oy’s credit cards and Diners Club -card. We also accept exercise benefits such as ePassi, EazyBreak, Edenred Finland Oy’s Virikeseteli vouchers, Edenred card and Edenred Pay, Smartum Exercise and Culture benefit vouchers, Saldo and SmartumPay, and RJ-Kuntoiluseteli Oy’s Tyky vouchers. These exercise benefits are for personal use only. They cannot be used as payment for exercise services for children or other family members. Exercise benefits cannot be exchanged for cash and we do not reimburse services purchased with them. If you wish to pay services with exercise benefits or a gift card, you must make the purchase at the hall's customer service point. At our online shop, we accept online bank payments and other payment methods provided by Paytrail Oy. Additionally, we offer invoice agreements for our corporate customers (Firmanpiikki) ( When purchasing services from our online shop, please read the General Terms for Online Sales.

8. Public holidays, exception days, maintenance and summer breaks

We do not compensate for public holidays or individual exception days when our facilities are closed. We do, however, compensate the time we are closed annually in the summer and any other maintenance breaks for those 1-, 3- and 6- month card holders who have not used their cards during the break in any of our centers. Credited time is added to the card on the first visit after the summer break in any of our customer service points.

9. Placing your card on hold

1-month*, 3-month* or multi-visit cards* cannot be placed on hold. 6-month* cards can be placed on hold once for a period of your choosing, for a minimum of 7 days. Please note, however, that all exercise services must be used in full within the period of validity (see section 3), including the possible hold period. When you want to restart your card, visit any of our customer service points and we will compensate the time.
*) swimming, gym, group exercise or supercard

10. Lost customer cards

We expect you to inform us immediately if you lose your customer card. We can deactivate your misplaced customer card and transfer the services from the old card to a new one in any of our customer service points (cost 4€).

11. Gift cards

If you wish to buy services with a gift card, the card must be presented at the time of purchase. Gift cards cannot be exchanged for cash and are valid for 24 months (730 days) from the date of purchase.

12.Illness, residence relocation, service changes, and refunds

Cases of illness (with a medical certificate from a doctor or a nurse, minimum of 7 sick days), residence relocation (minimum of 50 km), refunds, and service changes will be processed on a case-by-case-basis. We will charge a processing fee (10€) from these transactions. Services paid with exercise benefits or with any other benefits granted by the employer, are not refundable. Customer card fee (4€) is also not refundable.

13. Special offers

All discounts are given off from our regular list prices and cannot be combined with other offers or discounts. Seasonal services, campaigns, and special offers may be subject to separate sales terms or different validity periods than those stated in the Terms and Conditions of Customer Contracts.

14. Cancellation conditions

14.1. Courses, swimming schools, camps, and events

We will charge a processing fee (10 €) for every cancellation. Regardless if the payment was made at the customer service point or online shop, the Service Provider must be notified of any cancellations six weeks (42 days) before the course, camp, swimming school starts. Cancellations any later than this are only refundable if a medical certificate is provided (from a doctor or a nurse). All event registrations are binding, cancellations only if a medical certificate is provided. If you fall ill after a course, camp, swimming school or event has commenced, you must inform us of your illness within the duration of said course, camp, swimming school or event.

If you wish to cancel a swimming school, please contact the swimming school supervisor at For course, camp, and event cancellations, please contact our customer service at The Service Provider can cancel a service (course, swimming school, camp, event) due to a lack of participation or in cases of force majeure. In this case, the Service Provider will add the full purchasing sum as credit onto the Customer's Urheiluhallit customer account. 

14.2. Single-visit, multi-visit and monthly services (group exercise, swimming, gym, supercard) purchased from our online shop

Services purchased from our online shop follow the General Terms and Conditions for Online Sales. Unused single-visit, multi-visit, and monthly services are not refundable, as per Chapter 6(16) (see section 11) of the Consumer Protection Act. We will charge a processing fee (10 €) for service exchanges of unused purchases.

14.3. Personal Trainer and fitness test cancellations

If you are unable to attend a Personal Trainer or a fitness test appointment, please inform us no later than 24 hours before the agreed meeting time. Cancellations later than this are only refundable if a medical certificate is presented (see section 12). All uncancelled appointments are considered as used services.

14.4. Group exercise class bookings and cancellations

You can make bookings online for 20 group exercise classes up to four (4) weeks (29 days) ahead. If you do not already have single visits, multi-visit, monthly group exercise services or a supercard, you can book a maximum of three (3) classes per booking by calling or visiting any of our customer service points (not via email). If you are unable to attend a group exercise class that you have booked, cancel the booking well in advance, either by calling our customer service or via our online booking system (not via e-mail). Cancellations should be made preferably 24 hours before, but no later than three (3) hours before class starts. This will give other customers a chance to attend the class in your place and you will avoid unnecessary charges from your card. You will receive a confirmation e-mail from a successful cancellation. We will charge a visit (multi-visit cards) or a day (monthly cards) from your card for all uncancelled bookings. You will also receive a confirmation e-mail from this charge. If the charge is unwarranted, please contact our customer service (

15. Solarium

A single solarium visit is 30 minutes (tanning time max. 20 min / visit). A multi-visit card to the solarium is not solely for personal use. A solarium card is valid for two years (730 days) from the date of purchase and cannot be placed on hold.

16. Age limits

Children under the age of ten, and customers who cannot swim, need a companion who is at least 15 years old, with swimming skills, to enter the swimming pool area. Children over the age of eight who can swim need a written and signed consent from a parent or guarding to swim alone. Children over the age of seven must use gender assigned locker rooms. Note! Children who cannot swim must be accompanied in the pool on a maximum of two children to one adult basis. Additionally, the 25-and 50-meter swimming pools are only allowed for those who can swim at least 25 meters. The age limit for the gym and group exercise is 15. Small children are not allowed in the gym for safety reasons. The age limit for the solarium is 18.

We reserve the right to make changes.

Please read our Rules and Regulations and the General Terms of Online Sales.