Updated Corona Announcement 14 May


We are preparing to open some of our locations in the week starting on 1 June. We are still waiting for more detailed instructions from the authorities concerning our operation.


Monthly and Multi-Visit Cards

  • All monthly and multi-visit cards have been placed on hold during our closing. We will compensate the time we have been closed to the cards automatically, unlike we previously announced. Therefore, you do not need to visit any of our customer service points to get the compensation.

Swimming Schools

  • All spring swimming schools have been cancelled (16 March- 25 May 2020). The bookings have been moved to the autumn season (weeks 34-41), to be held at the same locations, on the same weekdays and at the same times, as the spring swimming schools. Swimming club participants (adult and school-agers) have been sent separate instructions, exceptionally, of their swimming school arrangements.
  • If the move to the autumn season in not convenient for you, you can cancel your spring swimming school booking without a processing fee and get a refund. For the cancellation, we will need the swimming school and participant information, as well as your bank account number. You can send this information to or use our safe mail.
  • Once the swimming school booking is moved to autumn, cancellations should be made according to our Terms and Conditions of Customer Contracts: six (6) weeks before the swimming school is set to start.
  • All summer swimming schools have been cancelled.

Courses, Children and Youth Courses, Sound Bath

  • Our aim is to continue the courses that were halted due to our closing, as well as organize all cancelled courses and Sound Baths after the reopening.
  • If this course move is impossible for you, you can cancel your booking and get a refund. For the cancellation, please contact our customer service.
  • Mäkelänrinne Sports Camps have been cancelled. We have notified the paricipants by email and sent instructions for refunds.
  • At this current time, Vuosaari and Malmi Sports camps will be held according to plan. We will inform the participants if this plan changes on week 21. However, if you wish to cancel your camp booking, we will give you a full refund, without a processing fee. For the cancellation, we will need the Sports Camp date, participant information, as well as your bank account number. You can send this information to or use our safe mail .

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