Customer Service

Mon–Fri 6.15 am–9.30 pm
Sat–Sun 8 am–8.30 pm




  • 16.9. Hössö swims
    • Swimming pools close at 2.30 pm, other services are open as usual.

Swimming Hall

Mon–Fri 6.15 am–10 pm
Sat–Sun 8 am–9 pm

(swimming time ends 30 min before closing)

Diving tower

Open on the hour, about 15 minutes at a time. 

  • on weekdays, diving from 3 and 5 meter platforms
  • on weekends: Sat at 1pm--> and Sun at 12 noon--> diving from all platforms
  • 3–10 meter platforms are open on the hour for 15 minutes at a time

Lower diving boards are open when possible, during rush hour, however, access is limited.

At least one diving board is for customer use on the hour for 15 minutes after the diving tower closes.

We reserve the right to make changes on the before mentioned times without prior notice.


Mäkelänrinne Gym's customer service (2nd floor) is open Mon-Fri 4pm–8pm.

Mon–Fri 6.15–10 pm
Sat–Sun 8 am–9 pm

(training time ends 15 min before closing)

Ball Sports Hall

Mon–Fri 3 pm–10 pm
Sat–Sun 8 am–8 pm


Mäkelänrinne Swimming Centre
Mäkelänkatu 49
00550 Helsinki
tel. +358 (0)9 3488 6550

Mäkelänrinne has a ticketless 24h car park that operates using an automatic number plate recognition system. Please keep your vehicle’s license plate clean to help the parking process. Payment options include Easypark, Parkman apps or you can make the payment at the parking machine located outside the main entrance by card or cash (0,50, 1, 2€ coins).


 1,50 € / h 

Please note, that EasyPark and ParkMan may collect extra service fees depending on your service subscription.

Parking is free for 15min for drop-off traffic

Payment at the parking machine:
1. Enter your vehicle’s license plate number
2. Make the payment (Visa/ Master cards or cash)
3. Drive to the exit gate within 15 minutes of the payment.

In problem situations, please press the info button at the exit gate.


4 electric vehicle charging points, parking 1 € / + charging fee
6 handicap parking spaces