Purchasing a gift card is easy via our online shop for a fixed price or at the hall’s customer service point for the sum of your choosing.

You may use a gift card to pay for (also part payment)

  • swimming (single visits, multi-visit and monthly cards)
  • group exercise (single visits, multi-visit and monthly cards)
  • gym (single visits, multi-visit and monthly cards)
  • courses
  • fitness tests
  • events
  • sports clubs
  • sports camps
  • swimming schools

When purchasing a gift card

  • via the online shop, the payment confirmation will be sent to you by email with the gift voucher attached as a PDF file.
  • at the customer service point, you will receive a plastic gift card and an envelope.

If you wish, you can visit our customer service to exchange a gift voucher purchased online to a plastic gift card.
NOTE! A gift card cannot be used as a payment in our online shop.

Gift cards and gift vouchers are valid for 24 months from the date of purchase. Gift cards are not rechargeable and cannot be used to purchase new gift cards or exchanged for cash. Exercise benefits or similar cannot be used as payment for purchasing gift cards.


We reserve the right to make changes.