Summer discount prices 2 May- 31 August

Group exercise and gym Price Sale period Validity period
Group exercise, per visit 8 € 19 April-31 August 2 May-31 August
Group exercise, 5-visit card 35 € 19 April-24 August 2 May-31 August
Group exercise, 1-month card 50 € 19 April-1 August 2 May-31 August
Gym, per visit 7 € 19 April-31 August 2 May-31 August
Gym, 5-visit* card 30 € 19 April-24 August 2 May-31 August
Gym, 1-month* card 35 € 19 April-1 August 2 May-31 August
Summer supercard, 1-month card 65 € 19 April-1 August 2 May-31 August

*) 5-visit gym, 1-month gym card and summer supercard holders will get a gym workout plan for 30 €. Customer card is included in price for new customers.


Group exercise

  • Group exercise class bookings for the summer season started on 19 May.
  • You can make bookings for ten summer group exercise classes up to two weeks ahead (15 days). Please make cancellations at least three hours before the class begins.
  • Group exercise fall schedule will start on 1 September.
  • Read more about the Supercard here

Also note that

  • At Urheiluhallit, you only pay for your workouts - we have no membership fees.
  • Swim for free after group exercise or gym (Mäkelänrinne 3 € and Vuosaari 2 € extra fee).
  • Purchased summer services are valid at all our locations.


Maintenance breaks 

Location Open Maintenance break Re-opens Note
Kallio 2 May–3 July 4 July–7 August 8 August
Kontula 2 May–3 July 4 July–31 July 1 August Outdoor area open 1 June weather permitting

Malmi 2 May–19 June 20 June–3 July 4 July Outdoor area open 1 June weather permitting
Mäkelänrinne 2 May–23 June 24 June–(8 August) 20 August (8 August) 21 August Group execise, gym and ball sports hall re-open 8 August.
Swimming hall re-opens 21 August
Pasila 2 May–25 May 30 May–31 July 1 August
Siltamäki 2 May–19 June 20 June–14 August 15 August
Töölö 2 May–12 June 13 June–3 July 4 July
Vuosaari (pool area 2) 2 May–10 July 11 July–31 July 1 August Pool area 1 open 11 July.–3 July.

Vuosaari pool area 1) 2 May–19 June 20 June–10 July 11 July Pool area 2 open 20 June.–10 July

Opening hours


Sales terms for summer services

Multi-visit and monthly cards for the summer must be used in full within the period of validity of the individual card – i.e. by the end of the summer season on 31 August 2022.

Please note:

  • Refunds will not be granted for summer services for the days when our facilities are closed (Midsummer 24–26 June).
  • Summer services cannot be exchanged for cash, and for each substitution for another summer service we will charge a 10 € processing fee.
  • Summer services cannot be placed on hold.
  • Any visits left unused after the end of the summer season will not be refunded.
  • Cases of illness will be processed on a case-by-case-basis, in accordance our customer contract terms.

Read our Terms and Conditions of Customer Contracts


Customer service

Urheiluhallit office customer service is open limitedly during the summer season. Between 24 June and 24 July contacts only by email:

We reserve the right to make changes


Play Padel at Vuosaari

Courts will be opened as soon as possible and weather permitting.

Hall outdoor areas are open in the summer

Outdoor areas at Kontula, Malmi and Vuosaari will be opened in the beginning of June, weather permitting.

Group exercise schedule for the summer

Browse our group exercise schedule for the summer

Intensive swimming courses for the summer

Browse our swimming courses for the summer.

Children's sports camps

Popular sports camps will be held for 7-12-year-olds at Malmi, Mäkelänrinne and Vuosaari.