The bicycle ergometer test measures aerobic endurance. The test lasts for 8–20 minutes, depending on the participant’s background and the test program. The participant pedals a stationary bicycle (with clip-on pedals) in varying intervals at an increasing load while the heart rate is being recorded.

The recordings show the efficiency of the heart, the cardiovascular system, the lungs, the working muscles and the systems maintaining their operation. The test is safe and easy, and the test subject’s age, size or exercise habits form no obstacle to measuring their VO2 max. This makes the bicycle ergometer test suitable for everyone.

Each participant receives test feedback, including an analysis of the test performance and results as well as an exercise program with optimal heartrate goals.


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Pasila has five fitness test bicycles, allowing simultaneous testing of 1–5 people. Larger groups (6–20 people) will be tested in groups of five. If more than five people are coming in for a test, please contact us about a month before the preferred test date. Vuosaari has one test bicycle, which allows for individual tests or testing in pairs.

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