Would you like to know your body’s muscle mass or your body fat percentage? Do you want a reliable method for monitoring your progress, thus gaining more motivation in training?

The test will only take a moment, but it will show you a great deal of interesting data about your body’s composition. You will receive a written analysis report, which a professional sport instructor will go through with you and give you fitness advice for the future.

The analysis shows:

  • body fat percentage and body fat mass
  • segmental muscle mass and muscle quality score
  • body mass index (BMI)
  • visceral fat
  • total body water i.e. fluid in the body expressed as a percentage of total weight.
  • metabolic age
  • basal metabolic rate (BMR)
  • physical rating

Price 25 €

Instructions for a precise analysis:

  • No alcohol for 48 hours before the test.
  • Avoid hard training for 12 hours before the test.
  • Avoid eating and drinking for 4 hours before the test.
  • Empty your bladder 30 minutes before the test.
  • Avoid taking diuretic medication for 7 days before the test.
  • The body composition analysis test is not suitable for people with a pacemaker or other internal electric medical devices.

Book an appointment for a body composition analysis at Pasila or Vuosaari (Tanita MC-780 MA).

On occasion, we arrange body analyses at our other locations at campaign prices, but these tests use a Tanita meter, which provides a slightly more concise report.

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Pasila has five fitness test bicycles, allowing simultaneous testing of 1–5 people. Larger groups (6–20 people) will be tested in groups of five. If more than five people are coming in for a test, please contact us about a month before the preferred test date. Vuosaari has one test bicycle, which allows for individual tests or testing in pairs.

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We will contact you as soon as possible by email. With the confirmation, you will also receive more information about the practical arrangements.