Carrying out a Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment is simple: using a small Firstbeat Bodyguard device for three days is easy, both at work and at leisure time. The Firstbeat process uses heart rate variability data (HRV), combined with signal processing methods, to document an individual’s autonomic nervous system regulation. The analysis provides a comprehensive and objective view over physiological reactions, and gives feedback on sleep quality, energy consumption as well as lifestyle-related aspects such as stress, recovery, and physical activity.

Daily Firstbeat reports show:

  • stress peaks and causes of stress
  • sufficiency of recovery
  • sleep quality
  • physical strain of your work
  • health and fitness effects of physical activity and exercise
  • energy expenditure (kcal)

After the measurement, you will receive a personal report, which will review the factors that affect your well-being and performance. Based on the results, we can create a plan for changes that will increase your personal well-being.

Personnel well-being is a competitive edge for your company

Small changes to your lifestyle can have positive impacts on your work:

  • Your efficiency will increase.
  • Your sick leaves and absences will decrease .
  • Your risk of having to prematurely retire will decrease.


Overall results: Connecting the dots between lifestyle and well-being, and identifying the steps towards a healthier, fitter and more productive life.



Booking a Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment

Preferred date should not be earlier than five weekdays from the day of booking. We will contact you by email before the booking confirmation.

Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment:

Three days (two workdays and one holiday).

Measurement i.e. carrying out the assessment
Daily working hours, sleep and other events will be recorded in an electronic diary with a small Firstbeat Bodyguard device. During the three assessment days, the device should always be attached to your body, except during showering or bathing.

Measurement feedback
The report will show, for example, whether the amount and quality of sleep are enough for the recovery of your personal resources.
After the results have been explained, we will set new goals to increase your well-being.


Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment 
in an occupational health examination brochure (PDF)

Brochure for key management personnel (PDF)