Whole-body muscle strength testing. You will get both oral and written feedback on your test results.

FIX Muscle Strength Tests: (individual testing)

  • push-ups, 30 seconds of repetitions
  • dynamic performance capacity of abdominal muscles, a repetitions test
  • back extensions, 30 seconds of repetitions
  • squats, 30 seconds of repetitions
  • dynamic performance capacity of upper-body muscles, a repetitions test with hand weights (women 5 kg, men 10 kg)

Price: 25 € / person

The following muscle strength tests can also be performed for groups or company personnel:

1. UKK’s health fitness tests
These tests provide information on personal health and fitness levels:

  • the body mass index and waist circumference
  • balance tests: standing on one foot, walking backwards and standing on a narrow beam
  • mobility: shoulder mobility, lateral flexion of the back, hamstring flexibility
  • muscle strength: grip strength, vertical jump, dynamic strength of the body’s flexors, lunges; muscle endurance: modified push-ups, endurance of the extensors

2.  Invalidisäätiö’s Tests
These tests measure muscular endurance, which is important for maintaining good posture and coping at work. The test consists of the following exercises:

  • static test on the upper extremities
  • static endurance of the back
  • abdominal muscle repetitions
  • back muscle repetitions
  • lifting test with the upper extremities
  • squat repetitions

3. SAL repetition tests (group tests)
These tests measure muscle fitness with 30 second repetitions. The tests consist of four exercises that focus on the muscles in the back, abdomen, legs and arms. The participant must complete as many repetitions within the given timeframe as possible.

We recommend combining either the bicycle ergometer test or the UKK walk test with the muscle strength test for more comprehensive results.

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Pasila has five fitness test bicycles, allowing simultaneous testing of 1–5 people. Larger groups (6–20 people) will be tested in groups of five. If more than five people are coming in for a test, please contact us about a month before the preferred test date. Vuosaari has one test bicycle, which allows for individual tests or testing in pairs.

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