Do you sometimes feel at a loss when it comes to nutrition? Are these some of the questions you need answers to:

  • Why am I gaining weight even though I eat moderately?
  • Why am I not losing weight even though I exercise regularly?
  • How do I get more energy for everyday activities?
  • How can you stop snacking in the evenings?
  • How do I compile an optimal nutritional plan for myself?

Nutrition plays a significant role in our health. Balanced and versatile diet promotes physical and mental health as well as our overall well-being.

Would you like us to evaluate whether your daily diet is healthy and versatile enough for your needs and goals? A nutrition analysis gives you targeted answers and helps you get on the right track with eating, whether your goal is weight control or simply gaining more energy for your everyday activities.

Nutrition Analysis

Basic Diet Check (1 session)

Includes one meeting with a nutrition coach. Before the meeting, the customer is asked to keep a food diary for 5–7 days. The nutrition coach will give feedback on the customers diet and eating rhythm as well as offers tips for diet adjustments.

Price 95 €

Nutrition Coaching (3 sessions)

Prior to the meeting, the customer fills out an information form and keeps a food diary for 5–7 days, and the nutrition coach analyzes the food diary. 

1st session

  • The coach evaluates the customer’s baseline by considering the customer’s background, diet and lifestyle
  • The customer’s goals and wishes are discussed.
  • The coach and customer go through the food diary, and the customer will get a general diet assessment.
  • The coach and customer set a few clear goals for the next meeting.

2nd session

  • Progress with set goals is checked and more long-term goals are determined together.
  • The customer may also receive homework for the following meeting.

3rd session

  • The meeting takes place 1–2 months after the second meeting.
  • The coach and the customer discuss how affective the diet has been and if set goals have been met.
  • The coach assesses if further diet adjustments need to be made.

Price 215 €

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