FIX POWER (30–50 min)


FIX Power: Beat

A fast-paced class with short exercises that help with the development of the respiratory and circulatory systems, as well as speed. Exercises are done with quick and large movements using the body’s own weight as resistance.

FIX Power: Strength

A class with exercises that improve muscle strength and innervation. The length of the exercises varies, and they are done with extra weights. There are always clear recovery periods. The class may include maximum strength exercises.

FIX Power: Endurance

A class with long exercises that improve the respiratory and circulatory systems, muscle endurance and lactic acid tolerance. Additional weights can be used.
Fix Power is best suited for those with high fitness levels, who are looking to challenge their bodies comprehensively. Therefore, you should only participate the class when you are in full health. Also available as a  Hot class in Mäkelänrinne.


FIX Power -classes train the body comprehensively.


Sportswear, gym shoes, a small towel and a water bottle.