MOTHER - BABY (45 min)


A group exercise class for post-partum mothers and their 1 to 8-month-old babies. You can participate the class with your baby and even breastfeed during the class, if needed. The aim of the class is post-partum exercise in a safe environment on the baby’s terms. Post birth check-up and a doctor’s permission are needed before participating the class.

Monthly Abdominal Separation -class gives you great advice on how to go about restoring/correcting abdominal separation and the pelvic floor muscles. You will get abundant information about the body changes taking place during pregnancy and after giving birth. We will determine your abdominal separation status as well as introduce exercises and practices for the pelvic floor and abdominal body control.


You get to participate in exercise and bring your baby along to class. Our licensed instructors will facilitate a safe way for you to begin exercising after pregnancy and giving birth. The aim is body strengthening and conditioning. The class is also a great way to meet other mothers with similar age babies.


Sportswear, a small towel and a water bottle. A mat or a cot for the baby.