How to book a class

  • You can make bookings for group exercise classes at the sports hall’s customer service point, by calling or via our online booking system
  • You can make bookings online if you have a customer account with a user password, and valid single visits, multi-visit or monthly card for group exercise or a supercard. You can make bookings for 10 classes up to two (2) weeks ahead (15 days) via our online booking system. This booking rule is valid until further notice. If you do not have a customer account, register as a new customer.
  • Note! If you suspect you already have an existing customer account or you simply cannot remember your user password, do not register again. Confirm your account status by calling or visiting the sport hall’s customer service or order a new password in the Log in -section
  • You can purchase services to your customer account from our online shop.
  • Regardless of whether you have bought single-visit, multi-visit or monthly services, you can make individual bookings by calling or at the sports hall’s customer service point (not via email). You can make bookings up to two (2) weeks ahead (15 days), a total of three classes per booking.
  • Pensioners can book a regular spot for day classes (weekdays at 8.30am–2.30pm) including Water Exercise classes (not hydrobic). A 10-visit group exercise card allows one regular class booking per season (fall or spring), a 20-visit card allows two. Monthly card holders can book up to three regular spots for their card's duration (1–6 months). Hall customer service makes the regular class bookings.