We offer swimming schools for customers of all ages and skill levels. However, if you do not want to attend group lessons or they do not fit your schedule, you can reserve a private swimming lesson customized to your needs. The schedule, objectives and teaching location will be agreed upon with the instructor. You can come individually, in pairs or with a group, and book one or more teaching sessions. The better you are at swimming, the more you will enjoy it!

Customized private lessons

We offer private swimming lessons based on your previous skillset and learning preferences. You will receive comprehensive, personal feedback on your swimming technique and gain an efficient learning experience. Alternatively, the lessons can also concentrate on beginners’ skills and basics such as breathing exercises.

Additionally, we offer private swimming lessons for children. We recommend that at least one parent will participate the lessons with the child. This way both the child and parent will benefit from the lesson and the parent can later continue the child’s teaching.


Private teaching enables more efficient learning

Examples of groups that could benefit from private teaching:

• Timid children (4–15-year-olds)
If a child, for example, moves very carefully in the water and refuses to dive under it, they may be afraid of the water. When a timid child wants to take part in a swimming school group, additional private teaching may help them.
Additionally, there are children who feel stressed about a school’s swimming classes, because they cannot swim very well or at all. When they improve their technique a bit, swimming classes will start to feel more comfortable.

• Children and adults with special needs
Pupils with special needs vary in age, and their disabilities may vary from mild MBD to a severe physical disability. If there are no suitable swimming school groups available, private teaching is a good alternative.

• Children requiring guidance with technique
A child may be interested in joining a swimming school, for example, or they are in one, but their swimming skills require improvement. In such cases, the parents may hire a swimming technique teacher who will help the child develop further.

• Adults requiring guidance with technique
Customized teaching for adults that wish to improve a certain swimming technique (freestyle or breaststroke, for example). Classes are also available in English.

• Triathletes
Those practicing with the help of private instructor will receive customized tips, both for their swimming technique and training.


Additionally, at Mäkelänrinne:

Swim video recording and feedback 85 € (60 min) / person, 150 € / 2 persons
Swim analysis 110 € (60 min) / person

Instructor: Sebastian Dannberg

For more information, contact:

Sebastian Dannberg,