You may book courses online or at the customer service point of the location. Payment is always made in connection to the booking. We will post the course registration dates on our swimming school webpage.

What level should I choose?

When you are booking a swimming school placement for your child, it is important that the level is suited to your child’s skills. We recommend that you will first test your child’s skill level and choose a course after that. You should not book several courses back-to-back, but rather allow some time for the child’s skills to develop after the swimming course. The best way to do this is to go swimming independently for at least 8 weeks.


Spring period

  • January–March (summer registrations in mid-March)
  • March–May (autumn registrations at the turn of May and June)

Summer period

  • June–July (autumn registrations continue in July)

Autumn period

  • August–October (December registrations at the end of October)
  • October–December (spring registrations in mid-December)

Our swimming schools have 8 sessions, one per week (due to public holidays, exceptions may occur).
In addition to this, we hold intensive courses during the year (duration varies).

Private lessons

If you do not want to attend a group lesson or they do not fit into your schedule, you can book a private lesson. This way, you can receive personal guidance that is customized to your needs.

Practical Matters

At the hall

  • Be there on time.
  • Report to the customer service personnel every time by telling them your name. This way, no swimming fee will be requested from you. The swimming teacher will greet school-aged children and adults at the pool. Regarding preschoolers, please read the instructions below (Special Instructions for Certain Courses).
  • School-age children go to the dressing rooms appointed to their gender.
  • If a parent comes to swim while the child is in the swimming school, they must pay the normal swimming fee.
  • Bring swimwear, towel, seat cover and personal hygiene products.
  • Always wash yourself carefully before entering the pool.
  • Swimwear is not allowed in the sauna.
  • If you need to use the toilet, do it before coming into the pool (and before washing up). If you need to go to the toilet in the middle of the lesson, notify your teacher before leaving the pool.
  • Never run in the pool premises; the floors are slippery!
  • Use of a swim cap and goggles is recommended (not for diving).
  • Long hair must be tied (it also makes swimming easier).
  • Do not eat candy or chewing gum in the pool!
  • We hope that during the swimming school, the parents will either stay in the dressing rooms or pass their time by swimming.
  • If you wish to stay by the pool to watch, you will need to pay the normal swimming fee.
  • We also request that parents do not remain right by the pool to watch the swimming school in procession, as the child should be able to focus on learning in peace.

Swimming teacher

  • Your swimming teacher will meet you by the pool at the beginning of the lesson and will be responsible for you until the teaching is over (for preschoolers, please see the instructions below).
  • You need to follow the instructions of the swimming teacher and the teacher should not be interrupted if they are still teaching the previous group.

At the end of the course

At the last meeting, the swimming teacher will give you a certificate and an assessment of your swimming skills. The swimming teacher will also recommend which course you could participate next. If you miss the last meeting, the teacher will leave the certificate and possible swimming badge with the swimming hall's customer service, where you can pick it up later. The customer service will hold the certificates for about two months.

Special Instructions for Certain Courses

Family swimming schools

  • The course price includes swimming fees for one adult and one child.
  • One child and one adult should also be in the pool (also at the first session).

Swimming schools for preschoolers (beginner, advanced, club and technique 1 and 2)

  • When you have checked-in at the customer service point and left your belongings in a locker in the dressing room, come to the pool or to the door that leads from the swimming hall lobby to the dressing room. Your teacher will meet you there 5 minutes before teaching begins. If you are late, the teacher will not wait for you, so you should be there in time! The teacher will also look after the swimming school pupils in the shower room before and after swimming. The teacher will return the child to the same place after the lesson, fresh from the shower. This applies to all swimming lessons, unless otherwise agreed upon!
  • You may also bring your child directly to the pool, if you are also coming to swim.
  • After the swimming school, preschoolers can only remain in the pool premises if they have a guardian with them.
  • NOTE! At Vuosaari, preschoolers will change their clothes and wash up in the group dressing room. The parents will look after the children until they have showered, after which the teacher will pick up the children at the door leading to the pool. After the swimming school, the teacher will return the children to the shower facilities.

Swimming schools for adults

  • Meeting by the pool at the reserved teaching area. Lifeguards will guide you, if needed.

Baby and Toddler Swimming

We have a few basket carriers for borrowing, but we recommend that you bring your own carrier. Please leave your stroller outside the hall, because our facilities are quite limited. You may also bring your own stroller lock and cover, if needed.

The name lists are held by the customer service point. When you come in, please state your name to get the keys to the lockers.

The child should be fed approximately 1-1.5 hours before swimming. The happier the child is upon arrival, the more they will enjoy swimming, instead of being cranky or impatient. Don’t hesitate to stop early, if your child is having a ‘bad day’.

Before swimming, please wash up per normal swimming hall practices from head to toe, without swimwear. Wash your child as well. Swim shorts are not allowed in the pool, and you should always remove swimwear before going to the sauna. We recommend going to the sauna only after swimming, to prevent sweat from ending up in the pool, or the children feeling cold due to the changes in the ambient temperature. When there are babies in the sauna, do not cast water onto the stove.

Special note regarding jewelry: all jewelry, including stud earrings, watches, rings and activity bracelets must be removed before entering the pools. Piercing that are hard to remove must also be disinfected carefully before entering the pools.

Every child must have a swim diaper to prevent any excrement ending up in the pool. We also recommend children to wear full body swimsuits over their swim diaper. This will make it easier to handle the child in the pool, as the swimsuit is less slippery than the skin. The full-body suit will also serve as an additional barrier in case of any excrement accidents.

Depending on the child’s mood, the first times in the pool may sometimes last less than 30 minutes.

You can wait for your group to start in the children’s pool for a maximum of five minutes. When you come for the first time, please wait for the instructor to guide you into the pool. After swimming, go directly to the showers.

Sick children or parents are not allowed in the pool (e.g. fever, diarrhea, infections). Please ensure that both you and your child have enough of a recovery period after being sick.

Unfortunately, absences cannot be refunded. In cases of prolonged illness, please contact and present a doctor’s certificate.

For more information, please call 09 3488 6563 or email

The goal of baby swimming is not to teach the children how to swim, but rather to get them to enjoy water in general. Therefore, the classes are always carried out on the child’s terms. As every child develops at an individual speed, there is no need to compare the child's progress to others.