To ensure general comfort and pool water cleanliness, we request that you follow the Pool Etiquette.

Wash yourself carefully before entering the pools

Remove all your clothes before taking a shower. Rinse yourself carefully and wash your hair (remove all hair styling products, any loose hair, moisturizers, makeup, etc.) Remember to leave your swimwear in the washroom while going into the sauna.

Proper swimwear

Only enter the pool in proper swimwear intended for swimming in a swimming hall, not in beach shorts. If you do not want to get your hair wet, wear a swim cap. You can also wear a shower cap while aquajogging. Please tie up long hair while swimming.

Choose the right lane

Whenever possible, choose a lane where others swim at approximately the same speed as you do. This gives everyone the chance to enjoy swimming at their own speed.

Be considerate of others

A surprising number of swimmers can fit into one lane when you take others into account and swim considerately. Swim along the right-hand side of the lane, keeping all your limbs on your side.

Resting at the end of the pool

When resting at the end of the pool, leave enough room in the middle of the lane for other swimmers to make a turn. In other words, rest next to the pool lane ropes. You can also rest further away from the end of the pool end, next to a pool lane rope.


If you want to let the swimmer behind you overtake you, you should swim to the left side at the end of the lane, stop and let the other swimmer overtake you at the turn.


Aquajogging can only be practiced in the area reserved for it. Remember that aquajoggers must circle the reserved area in the designated direction. Aquajoggers must move forward one after another, instead of side by side (at least during rush hour), to avoid disturbing swimmers or other aquajoggers who want to overtake them.


The role of lifeguards is to monitor compliance with the rules, so please respect their work. They are also there for you, so please turn to them if you have any questions.