Swimming is an excellent form of exercise. Year after year, swimming has retained its position as one of the most popular ways of being physically active. Due to its low-impact format, swimming is a gentle way of improving muscle strength and therefore ideal for people of all ages and fitness levels.

Swimming is also a great for weight loss. At rest, you spend approximately 40% more energy in the pools warm water (27–28°C) than on ground because of heat loss. Adding the efforts of water exercise, your energy consumption increases in direct proportion to the efficiency and duration of the exercise. Whether you swim alone, with a friend or a group, you are sure to experience the refreshing benefits of water exercise. To make swimming more interesting and enjoyable, you can take part in our wide range of swimming schools intended for different target groups.

Most of our swimming halls have 25-meter-long pools, with the exceptions of Siltamäki, which has a 17-meter-long 30°C pool, and Mäkelänrinne, which has a 50-meter-long pool. More details are available on each swimming hall’s own webpage.

Age limit

Children under the age of 10, and customers who cannot swim, need a companion who is at least 15 years old, with swimming skills, to enter the swimming pool area. Children over the age of 8 who can swim need a written and signed consent from a parent or guarding to swim alone. Children over the age of 7 must use gender assigned locker rooms.

NOTE! Swimming in 25 m and 50 m pools and diving pools requires you to be able to swim for at least 25 meters.
Rules and regulations


Products for rent and sale

If needed, you can rent appropriate swim wear, and a towel at the swimming hall customer service point. We also sell swim caps, goggles, buoyancy belts, shampoo, and disposable sauna seat covers, among other things.

Swimming pool maintenance

UH swimming halls are maintained regularly throughout the year. In the summer, many of the swimming halls undergo annual repairs to ensure the safety, good hygiene, and comfort of our facilities.

Water treatment

At UH swimming halls, the water is treated primarily with open or pressure sand filters. In some of the swimming halls, treatment is enhanced with ozonation or UV light. The water is disinfected with chlorine at all the swimming halls. The purity of the water is continuously monitored by automated means, and samples are also taken daily by hand. Additionally, an external laboratory monitors the purity of the water at least once a month. The results of the measurements are on display at the swimming hall and at our webpage.

The personal hygiene of the swimming hall’s customers has a great impact on the purity of the water. For this reason, it is important that customers wash themselves carefully before entering the pools.

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Please be considerate of other customers.