A soothing combination for the body and mind that combines gentle Yin yoga asanas with the relaxing music of sound bowls. Easy Yin yoga asanas are mainly done at floor level using different aids and the asanas are held for several minutes. No previous yoga background is required.

The sound vibrations of  the sound bowls, gongs and koshas are used to seek overall relaxation of the body and mind. During the class, the instructor visits each yoga participant to play on sound bowls. The goal of Yin yoga movements is to affect the deepest tissues of the body, such as tendons and joints.

Please arrive no later than 5 minutes before the class starts. In this way, we guarantee everyone an unhurried moment. We recommend dressing casually and warmly for the class. It is worth bringing woolen socks and a beanie or scarf. Relaxation is much easier when you are warm. You will receive a tray, pillow, and blanket during the class.

For whom?

The event is suitable for all ages, but before the class it is worth mentioning is you have a pacemaker, are going through chemotherapy or, for example, the first trimester of pregnancy.

Where is the event held?

At our Töölö hall.

What is the duration?

60 min.

What is the price?

20 € / class

Sing up for the event