You will have access to the services of our seven swimming halls: Kallio, Kontula, Malmi, Mäkelänrinne, Siltamäki, Töölö and Vuosaari.

You have 2.5 hours reserved for your visit (washing, bathing, sauna, dressing).

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You can visit our different halls with the same swimming service. However, at Mäkelänrinne and Vuosaari, a small surcharge is charged for services purchased from other halls.

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The most convenient way to buy your swimming visit is online – including individual visits. This allows you to go swimming and aquajogging directly from the gates without queuing separately at the checkout.

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At Urheiluhallit, special care is taken to maintain cleanliness in all our facilities, especially in swimming pools. We want to adhere strictly to the common rules that will achieve the cleanliness values we have set, despite the increase in customer numbers. Each customer’s own choices and solutions are of great importance, which is why our Rules and Regulations must be followed.

Please familiarize yourself with our Rules and Regulations before your visit and ask the staff for more information if necessary

In the pool area, you must always wear swimwear intended for swimming in the swimming pool. The swimsuit can be sleeved or legged. The use of beach shorts as swimwear is forbidden, but short swimming shorts (not longer than knee length) clearly intended for swimming in swimming pool are allowed. The material should be thin and quick-drying, for example, lycra. There should be no underwear under the shorts. Skirts and dresses are not allowed swimwear. Appropriate swimwear can be rented from customer service if necessary.

Tie up long hair or wear a swimming cap. For aquajogging, you can also wear a shower cap. You can borrow a hair loop from the swimming control station if you have forgotten your own.

You can rent swimwear and towel from the customer service point. If you wish to rent swimwear (price 4 €) and/or towel (price 4 €), you will be charged an additional deposit of 5 €. The deposit is taken from rented items until 7 pm (no deposit is charged at all at Siltamäki and Vuosaari). The deposit will be returned against a receipt when you return the loan items to the customer service point.

Also for sale at the customer service point are swimming caps, swimming goggles, aquajogging belts, shampoo and disposable seat covers for the sauna.

You can view bookings for swimming lanes in our online store. The view shows when the lane in question is booked for swimming school or group exercise classes, for example.

Aquajogging has its own lanes.

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To ensure general comfort and pool water cleanliness, we request that you follow our general Pool Etiquette.

Wash thoroughly before going swimming: Take a naked shower, rinse your hair properly (removing styling products, loose hair, moisturizers, makeup, etc.) and remember to leave your swimwear in the bathroom during the sauna. Wash also after sauna before entering the pool.

Shaving, hair dyeing and cutting, nail and foot care or other similar procedures are not allowed on our premises.

Cleanliness and hygiene

Only enter the pool in a swimwear intended for swimming in the swimming pool. If you don’t want to wet your hair, wear a swimming cap. For aquajogging, you can also use a shower cap. Be sure to tie up long hair.

Choose a lane – whenever possible – where you swim at about the same speed as others swim. This allows everyone to enjoy their swim at their own pace.

Surprisingly many swimmers can fit into the same lane, when you take others into account. Use right-hand traffic.

When resting at the end of the pool, leave enough space in the middle of the end of the pool for others to make the turn and move right next to the lane rope. You can also rest further away from the end of the pool, next to the lane rope.

If the person swimming behind you is faster than you, you should swim to the left side at the end, stop and let the other person pass you in the turn.

Aquajogging can only be practiced in the area reserved for it. Remember that aquajoggers must circle the reserved area in the designated direction. Aquajoggers must move forward one after another, instead of side by side (at least during rush hour), to avoid disturbing swimmers or other aquajoggers who want to overtake them.


Lifeguards are tasked with enforcing the rules, so respect their work. They’re there for you too, so turn to them if you have any questions.

A blue and white license badge that indicates that the swimmer has been granted the right to wear a swimsuit in the swimming pool, even if the rules instruct against it (e.g. in the sauna or shower). The license badge can be a round badge sewn into a suit or a bracelet model.

Welcome to the swimming pool! The purpose of the guide is to promote everyone’s opportunities to use swimming pool services. The guide explains the correct procedures for swimming pool customers, for example, in the washing facilities and at the pool. There are also guidelines for safety, such as supervising children at the pool. The guide has been produced by the Finnish Swimming Education and Lifesaving Association.