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Customer card is included in the price of multi-visit and monthly cards for new customers. You can collect the card from any of our customer service points. Please bring a personal ID card with you on your first visit. If you lose your customer card, you will need to buy a new one to replace it, price 4€.

UH = Kallio, Kontula, Malmi, Siltamäki and Töölö

VUO = Vuosaari

MR = Mäkelänrinne

Per visit
Children aged 0–6 v. per visit0,000,000,00
Children aged 7–16 per visit3,203,503,50
Adults per visit5,806,307,00
10-visit, children30,0033,0033,00
10-visit, adults53,0058,0065,00
Monthly cards
1 month (30 days)55,0057,0063,00
3 months (90 days)115,00142,00170,00
6 months (180 days)198,00238,00300,00
Rental and sales items
Rental towel4,004,004,00
Sauna seat cover0,200,200,20
Rental swimwear4,004,004,00
Swim goggles6,00 -15,006,00 -15,006,00 -15,00
Swim caps (fabric, silicone or latex)4,00 -15,00
4,00 -15,004,00 -15,00

N.B. There is an additional fee for using the UH swimming card at Mäkelänrinne 1.20 € and  Vuosaari 0,50 €). The additional fee for a Vuosaari swimming card used at Mäkelänrinne is 0.70 €.

We reserve the right to make changes.