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N.B! External Personal Trainers must pay a fee of 15 € / customer for each training session (gym / swimming pool). Couples fee is 30 €. Additionally, the customer pays for their own visit.

Personal Trainer
1 session + written program (75 € + 30 €)105,00
1 session 75,00
5 sessions340,00
10 sessions640,00
Two people (60 €/person)120,00
1 session for a group (max. 4 persons)180,00

N.B. External personal trainers pay 15 € / customer (gym or swimming lessons) for their visit to the hall’s customer service. Pair guidance 30 €. In addition, the customer pays for their own visit.

Gym workout plan 30 €: Our professional gym instructors will guide you in the use of the equipment and create a personal gym program for beginners and more experienced trainers alike. For example, it can be a basic program for a new fitness enthusiast, an update of a program for a more experienced one, or the second part of a two-part program.

We reserve the right to make changes.