We welcome beginners and seasoned gym enthusiasts!

Choose the gym that suits your needs. You can access all our eight gyms with the same gym card. Each of our gyms has a wide range of equipment tailored to the size of the gym.

The age limit is 15 years.



The Kallio gym is a true miracle of space, as thanks to its clever equipment placement, it enables versatile training.


Despite its small size, Kontula gym is a comfortable and functional gym for basic trainers.


Malmi's spacious gym, renovated in summer 2023, is equipped with a wide range of equipment and a spacious free weight area.


Mäkelänrinne's bright gym, expanded in spring 2022, enables versatile training for all gym goers. In addition, the running strip and training area on the warm pool platform are available for all trainers.


Despite its small size, Pasila's gym is a great for basic training.


Siltamäki's gym offers a great functional training facility for nearby residents.


A spacious and bright gym with a wide range of equipment, as well as an excellent space for aerobic training and free training.


Vuosaari has three gyms with different equipment that serve as a comprehensive setting for all gym goers. One of the gyms is designed specifically for strength training.



Personal training ensures the safety of training, increases motivation and guarantees the surest way to achieve the desired results.


Whether you are just starting exercise, wanting to get more fit or simply monitoring your active training, fitness testing can assess your current fitness levels and provide you with instructions for future training.


A comfortable and safe way to practice gym training. At the beginning of the class, there is a joint warm-up, after which everyone will move on to the gym to do our own workouts.


You will have access to the gym services of all eight halls (Kallio, Kontula, Malmi, Mäkelänrinne, Pasila, Siltamäki, Töölö and Vuosaari). The same gym product can be used in all halls.

The age limit for our gyms in 15 years.

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After your workout, you can go to the sauna and swim. There is a small extra charge in Mäkelänrinne and Vuosaari (3 € / 2 €). No swimming pool at our Pasila hall.

If you want clear instructions for gym training and equipment use, or if you want to update your current gym program, take advantage of the gym equipment guidance for a discount price of 30 €.

Our professional instructors give equipment and exercise guidance in the gym (45 min) and create a personal gym program (4-8 exercises) for beginners and more experienced trainers alike.

The discount price is for everyone who has purchased a multi-visit or monthly card (10-visit, 1-, 3- and 6-month cards for the gym or gym & swimming monthly cards, and 1-, 3- and 6 month Supercard (one 30 € session / purchase).

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Introduction to gym training course

This course will guide you with gym training and how to use the gym equipment. In addition, you will receive a personalized gym workout plan and instruction on how to navigate the gym independently.

Course price 59 € (4 sessions).

Age limit for the course is 15 years.

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Map your fitness level with a fitness test at our Pasila or Vuosaari locations! Your goal may be to start exercising, getting fit, or monitoring active training. There is no need to be nervous about coming to the test – your own fitness always determines the level of the test. After the test, you will receive clear instructions from us for the future.

Urheiluhallit offers a wide range of fitness tests (Firstbeat Life, fitness test package, bicycle ergometer test, muscle fitness test, UKK Walking test and body composition analysis).

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A Personal Trainer is a sports professional with a solid educational background and diverse skills and experience. Whether you are a beginner or a veteran, young or old, a Personal Trainer will design the right program for you. A personal program ensures the safety of training, increases motivation and guarantees the surest way to achieve the desired results.

Bonus for those who have purchased a Personal Trainer package: 15% discount on a 3- or 6-month gym or group exercise card.

Read more about our Personal Trainer services

Buy multi-visit, monthly and single-visit gym cards easily online or at the customer service point of the location.

You will need a customer account to be able to purchase services online. As new customer you collect a customer card from any of our customer service points for free and easily access the gym entrance gates without having to check in at the customer service point. Please bring a personal ID card with you on your first visit. If you lose your customer card, you will need to buy a new one to replace it, price 4€.

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Working out in the gym is great when everybody plays by the same rules. By following our gym etiquette, you can ensure an enjoyable visit for yourself and others.

Please wear indoor shoes and exercise clothes for the gym. Entering the gym in
barefoot, socks, outdoor shoes or shoes worn outdoors in prohibited. Outdoor shoes carry sand and mud to the gym, so leave them in the changing room.

You can sweat at the gym, but pay attention to your fellow trainers. Therefore, use a workout towel and wipe off traces of use from gym equipment. After use, always return the exercise equipment (barbells, plate weights, dumbbells, etc.) to its original place. Leave the places in such a condition that it will be a pleasure for the next one to train after you.  

The gym can get crowded and therefore it is polite to let others use the equipment between your sets and vice versa. Take into account fragrance-sensitive co-trainers and leave strong fragrances out of the training facilities. Avoid unnecessary noise and weight dropping.

Leave your mobile phone in a safety deposit box. If you need your phone during a workout, keep it on silent. In this way, both yourself and others have the opportunity for undisturbed exercise. Handle calls and video calls outside the gym. Filming in the gym and locker rooms is prohibited.

The age limit for going to the gym is 15 years.