Supercard allows entrance to swimming, group exercise and gym

You will have an all-day access to all our locations (Kallio, Kontula, Malmi, Mäkelänrinne, Pasila, Siltamäki, Töölö and Vuosaari).

Note! As a Supercard holder, always check in at the self-service terminal or at the customer service point and choose which service you want to use. After checking in, you can access through the entrance gates by showing your customer card on the reader.

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After group exercise or gym training, you can go swimming and visit the sauna.

No swimming pools at our Pasila location.

Gym workout plan 30 €. For a multi-visit or monthly card holders: 10-visit, 1-, 3- and 6-month cards for the gym or gym & swimming monthly cards, and 1-, 3- and 6 month Supercard (one 30 € session / purchase).

Buying a Supercard and booking group exercise classes is easy in our online store!

To buy online, you need a customer account. When you get a customer card, you can easily get in directly through the gates without queuing separately at the checkout. For serial and season ticket products, the customer card (value 4 €) is included in the price for a new customer. You can get the customer card from the hall’s customer service. The first time you visit the service, you will need to bring your ID. If you lose your customer card, you must buy a new customer card for 4 €.

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An excellent sport choice for people of all ages and fitness levels

Our seven swimming halls offer great facilities for water lovers of all ages. Whether you are a fitness or leisure swimmer, aquajogger or swimming school participant, we guarantee you an enjoyable and refreshing visit. Exercising in water is great for gaining muscle strength without adding pressure on the tendons and joints. Because of the low-impact format, water exercise is effective and suitable for almost every age and fitness level.

At Urheiluhallit, special care is taken to maintain cleanliness in all our facilities, especially in swimming pools. We want to adhere strictly to the common rules that will achieve the cleanliness values we have set, despite the increase in customer numbers. Each customer’s own choices and solutions are of great importance, which is why our Rules and Regulations must be followed.

Please familiarize yourself with our Rules and Regulations before your visit and ask the staff for more information if necessary

In the pool area, you must always wear swimwear intended for swimming in the swimming pool. The swimsuit can be sleeved or legged. The use of beach shorts as swimwear is forbidden, but short swimming shorts (not longer than knee length) clearly intended for swimming in swimming pool are allowed. The material should be thin and quick-drying, for example, lycra. There should be no underwear under the shorts. Skirts and dresses are not allowed swimwear. Appropriate swimwear can be rented from customer service if necessary.

Tie up long hair or wear a swimming cap. For aquajogging, you can also wear a shower cap. You can borrow a hair loop from the swimming control station if you have forgotten your own.

If needed, you can rent swimwear and towel. Also for sale at the customer service point are swimming caps, swimming goggles, aquajogging belts, shampoo and disposable seat covers for the sauna.

You can view bookings for swimminglanes in our online store. The view shows when the lane in question is booked for swimming school or group exercise classes, for example.

Aquajogging has its own lanes.

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To ensure general comfort and pool water cleanliness, we request that you follow our general Pool Etiquette.

Wash thoroughly before going swimming: Take a naked shower, rinse your hair properly (removing styling products, loose hair, moisturizers, makeup, etc.) and remember to leave your swimwear in the bathroom during the sauna. Wash also after sauna before entering the pool.

Shaving, hair dyeing and cutting, nail and foot care or other similar procedures are not allowed on our premises.

Only enter the pool in a swimwear intended for swimming in the swimming pool. If you don’t want to wet your hair, wear a swimming cap. For aquajogging, you can also use a shower cap. Be sure to tie up long hair.

Choose a lane – whenever possible – where you swim at about the same speed as others swim. This allows everyone to enjoy their swim at their own pace.

Surprisingly many swimmers can fit into the same lane, when you take others into account. Use right-hand traffic.

When resting at the end of the pool, leave enough space in the middle of the end of the pool for others to make the turn and move right next to the lane rope. You can also rest further away from the end of the pool, next to the lane rope.

If the person swimming behind you is faster than you, you should swim to the left side at the end, stop and let the other person pass you in the turn.

Aquajogging can only be practiced in the area reserved for it. Remember that aquajoggers must circle the reserved area in the designated direction. Aquajoggers must move forward one after another, instead of side by side (at least during rush hour), to avoid disturbing swimmers or other aquajoggers who want to overtake them.

Lifeguards are tasked with enforcing the rules, so respect their work. They’re there for you too, so turn to them if you have any questions.

Blue and white license badge indicates that the swimmer has been granted the right to wear a swimsuit in the swimming pool, even if the rules instruct against it (e.g. in the sauna or shower). The license badge can be a round badge sewn into a suit or a bracelet model.


Come to the swimming pool! The purpose of the guide is to promote everyone’s opportunities to use swimming pool services. The guide explains the correct procedures for swimming pool customers, for example, in the washing facilities and at the pool. There are also guidelines for safety, such as supervising children at the pool. The guide has been produced by the Finnish Swimming Education and Lifesaving Association.



Wide range of class options

Come and try out our various group exercise classes and find your own favorites from over 40 different class options.

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  • You can make bookings for group exercise classes at the  hall’s customer service point, by calling or via our online booking system
  • You can make bookings online if you have a customer account with a user password, and valid single visits, multi-visit, or monthly card for group exercise or a supercard.
  • You can make bookings for 10 classes up to two (2) weeks ahead (15 days) via our online booking system. This booking rule is valid until further notice.
  • Note! If you suspect you already have an existing customer account or you simply cannot remember your user password, do not register again. Confirm your account status by calling or visiting the sport hall’s customer service or order a new password in the Log in -section
  • You can purchase services to your customer account from our online shop.
  • Regardless of whether you have bought single-visit, multi-visit, or monthly services, you can make individual bookings by calling or at the sports hall’s customer service point (not via email). You can make bookings up to two (2) weeks ahead (15 days), a total of three classes per booking.
  • Pensioners can book a regular spot for day classes marked with a star (*) that are held during weekdays between 8.30am–2.30pm, including Water Exercise classes (not hydrobic). A 10-visit group exercise card allows one regular class booking per season (fall or spring), a 20-visit card allows two. Monthly card holders can book up to three regular spots for their card’s duration (1–6 months). Hall customer service makes the regular class bookings.
  • If you are unable to attend a group exercise class that you have booked, cancel the booking well in advance by calling or via our online booking system (not by e-mail). Cancellations should be made no later than three (3) hours before the class begins.
  • You will receive a confirmation email about a successful group exercise class cancellation.
  • We will charge a visit (multi-visit cards) or a day (monthly cards) from your card for all uncancelled bookings. You will also receive a confirmation e-mail from this charge. If the charge is unwarranted, please contact our customer service asiakaspalvelu@urheiluhallit.fi
  • You can access through the entrance gate no earlier than 45 min (at Siltamäki 30 min) before the class starts. If you are a day card holder, you must check in at the customer service point if you arrive to class earlier than 8.30 am. An exception is Töölö, where you must always check in at the self-service terminal or customer service point.
  • Please arrive no later than 10 minutes before the class starts. Otherwise you might forfeit your booking to the next customer on queue.
  • If you are at the entrance gate less than 10 minutes before the class starts, please check in at the self-service terminal or customer service point.
  • If the class has already begun, you cannot pass through the entrance gate anymore.
  • If you have a single booking and only one group exercise service on your card, the entrance gate will check you in (except at Töölö, where you must always check-in at the self-service terminal or at the customer service point).
  • If you have made several consecutive bookings, please check in to all of them at the self-service terminal or at the customer service point.
  • If you have other services on your card (i.e. gym), always check in at the self-service terminal or at the customer service point.
  • If you have purchased a supercard, always check in at the self-service terminal or at the customer service point.
  • Our customer service personnel will instruct you on how to use the self-service terminal.


Everyone needs muscle strength

Do you want to develop your muscle strength and stay alert in everyday life? We welcome everyone, regardless of age or fitness level!

The age limit for our gyms is 15 years.


Working out in the gym is great when everybody plays by the same rules. By following our gym etiquette, you can ensure an enjoyable visit for yourself and others

Please wear indoor shoes and exercise clothes. Outdoor footwear is prohibited in the gym for cleanliness reasons, so leave them in the locker room.

You can sweat at the gym, but pay attention to your fellow trainers. Therefore, use a workout towel and wipe off traces of use from gym equipment. After use, always return the exercise equipment (barbells, plate weights, dumbbells, etc.) to its original place. Leave the places in such a condition that it will be a pleasure for the next one to train after you.

The gym can get crowded and therefore it is polite to let others use the equipment between your sets and vice versa.

Consider fragrance-sensitive co-trainers and leave strong fragrances out of the training facilities.

Avoid unnecessary noise and weight dropping

Leave your mobile phone in a safety deposit box. If you need your phone during a workout, keep it on silent. In this way, both yourself and others have the opportunity for undisturbed exercise. Handle calls and video calls outside the gym. Filming in the gym and locker rooms is prohibited.

The age limit for going to the gym is 15 years.