Our Terms and Conditions of Customer Contracts provide answers to many frequently asked questions – have you checked there yet?

If you didn’t find what you were looking for, we have answered some our frequently asked questions below.

Yes. You can always try out the gym and group exercise classes or go swimming by paying a single-visit fee.

If you made the booking under your child’s name, the confirmation of successful payment can be found in their account. The child’s account is automatically linked to your account. Once you have logged in to kauppa.urheiluhallit.fi, you can check your child’s account information via the ‘My Account’ -link.

View our swimming school FAQ 

You can book classes yourself through our booking system after you have purchased group exercise for your customer account. You can buy both one-time visits or multi-visit and monthly cards from our web store, but discount group members must visit the hall’s customer service to get the discount.

  • If you have already purchased group exercise visits / a monthly pass but still can’t make bookings, please contact customer service.
  • The most convenient way to book individual classes is to either buy a one-time visit from the web store and make the booking yourself, or call the hall’s customer service directly, in which case the customer service will book a place for you in the class. N.B! You must be registered as a Urheiluhallit customer.

There are several reasons for this:

  • Your customer account does not yet have a redeemed service (group exercise) that you are trying to book.
  • You do not yet have a Urheiluhallit customer card. The card can be purchased on site at our customer service points, price 4 € (free for new customers).
  • The email address acts as an identifier for your customer account. You may have more than one customer account in the system. Multiple customer accounts can be merged. Send a message to asiakaspalvelu(at)urheiluhallit.fi with your email address and name. We will correct your data and send you a new password for logging in and to book classes.
  • Your booking quota is full. The quota is calculated as follows: there can be 10 bookings for future classes for a two week period.
  • You probably have an old browser. For example, we recommend using the latest version of Firefox. You can download it www.mozilla.org/fi/firefox/new. Firefox is safe and very stable.
  • The booking engine also works with other browsers, but make sure you have the latest update from your browser.
  • If you already have the latest version of your browser and still notice any abnormalities, it often helps if you clear your browser history:
    • Internet Explorer: Tools → Internet Options → Browsing History → Delete All
    • Mozilla Firefox: Settings → Privacy → History: Choose to have Firefox keep complete history and then select the link below “delete some history” and delete everything.
    • Chrome: Settings → History → Clear browsing data → Clear the following items from: “All”

A place on a course/swimming school cannot be booked by replying to an email, but by going to our booking system via the link in the email and paying the participation fee.

A notification of a vacancy will be sent to everyone in the queue and whoever reacts to the message first and pays the course fee, will get the spot.

Reply to the email you received and tell us about your situation. If your multi-visit or monthly card was charged unnecessarily, the matter will be corrected.

  • Urheiluhallit has two different day cards, which allow you to participate in exercise at a lower price than a full-day card:
    • The gym day card is valid Mon–Fri until 2 pm and all day on weekends.
    • The group exercise day card gives you access to classes held Mon–Fri 8.30 am–2.30 pm. The card is not valid on weekends.
    • Pensioners have their own affordable price for a day pass for group exercise.
  • You can book a regular spot if you have proved your pensioner status. For a regular spot, you need either 10 or 20 visits in your customer account.
  • A 10-visit card entitles you to one standard slot for the autumn or spring period.
  • A 20-visit card entitles you to two regular slots for the autumn or spring period.
  • Monthly card holders can book up to three regular spots for their card’s duration (1–6 months)
  • Bookings for regular spots are made only at the customer service of our halls.

Visits you purchased may have expired. Swimming, group exercise or gym visits are valid for two years from the date of purchase. Read more about our Terms and Conditions of the Customer Contracts 

It is possible that you have two customer accounts in our system: one with the email address you used to log in, and the other with the redeemed services. Data can be combined. Send a message to asiakaspalvelu(at)urheiluhallit.fi with your email address and name. We will correct your data and send you a new password to log in.

  • Most likely, the password sent to you by our system has gone to the email spam folder or has been caught by the email service provider’s filter.
  • There was a spelling mistake in the email address you provided when registering.
  • There was an error with your internet connection when you were registering, and your registration was not completed. Please send email to asiakaspalvelu@urheiluhallit.fi and tell us the email address you tried to register with, and we will send you a password.

Log in to the booking system and choose the ‘My Account’ -link in the top bar on the page. You can check your personal information to see how many visits you have left and when a purchased service will expire, for example. The purchases’ periods of validity and other information can also be checked by calling or visiting our customer service.

You can book an individual badminton session by calling the customer service of the desired venue or in our web store. If you would like a regular shift in badminton, please contact Mika Haapasalo at tilavaraukset(at)urheiluhallit.fi.

You can buy a gift card via our web store, read for more information here. Alternatively, you can buy a gift card for the sum of your choosing at the hall’s customer service point.

For more information on placing a monthly card on hold, see section 9 of our Terms and Conditions of Customer Contracts.

We will provide information on registrations on our website, on social media and in our newsletter before they begin. 

You can register for swimming schoolschildren’s sports camps and sports courses either at the customer service point of the location or online via our online store. PLEASE NOTE! The swimming school, course and camp fees must always be paid in full when registering.

All our courses are always paid upon registration. Once you have placed the desired product in the shopping cart in the online store and select “Payment”, you will be taken to the Verifone BlueCommerce website where the payment will be made. If for some reason the payment transaction has been interrupted and you have not made the payment, or you did not return to our online store from your online banking website after payment, the registration has not been received. Also, be sure to check your spam folder to make sure the confirmation email hasn’t accidentally ended up there.

Information about different payment options can be found on our website under Prices


The Ticket Duo card counts as a sports benefit offered by the employer, which unfortunately is not accepted as a means of payment in our online store. In accordance with the instructions of the Tax Administration, service providers must be able to ask the person using the card to prove their identity with an identity document if misuse is suspected, for example in situations where the sports benefit card has been stolen.

Since our online store does not have the possibility to verify a person’s identity in accordance with the requirements of the tax authorities, our online store accepts either online banking credentials (via Verifone Bluecommerce) as well as Visa, Visa Electron or MasterCard card. Customer terms and conditions 

Also on Edenred’s website nowadays there is a mention that when paying by card, the payment is confirmed in the signature and not with a PIN code. This is so that the service provider has the opportunity to check that the card is being used in accordance with the instructions of the Tax Administration.

Ticket Duo and other exercise benefits cards, can be used to pay for personal exercise services at the customer service point of each of our locations.

We charge a processing fee of 10 € for all cancellations. Any cancellations must be made no later than six weeks before the start of the course, event or swimming school. Cancellations any later than this will only be accepted if a medical certificate is presented. Contact the swimming school manager to cancel a swimming school registration. When cancelling a course or an event participation, please email our customer service: asiakaspalvelu@urheiluhallit.fi.

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