The most popular hall in Finland is a swimmers’ paradise. A special feature is the 50-meter pool, which is the venue for international competitions.


The Mäkelänrinne swimming centre has 24-hour ticketless parking: Parking starts automatically with license plate number recognition, so please keep your license plate clean to make parking smoother.

The parking fee is paid using the ParkMan and EasyPark payment applications. Please remember to allow automatic camera parking in the app before entering the parking area. You can also pay for parking at the garage vending machine (0,50 €,1 €, 2 € coins). The price of the parking fee is 1,50 € / h.

Payment at the automatic checkout:
1. Enter your car’s license plate number at the payment machine.
2. Pay the euro amount indicated by the payment machine
Visa/Mastercard debit cards or cash.
3. Drive to the driving boom within 15 minutes of payment.
In case of problems, press the info button on the exit device.

Prices are cheaper than the general one, which is €2/h (zone 2). N.B. ParkMan and EasyPark also charge their customers their own service fee.

Free drive-through time for pick-up and drop-off traffic 15 min.

4 charging points for electric cars, parking fee 1,50 € /h + charging fee

8 disabled parking spaces, free parking with disabled parking permit. / h.


The distance from the Pasila train station to the hall is less than a kilometer.

Mäkelänkatu has stops for trams 1 and 7, as well as buses 61, 64, 65, 66, 67, 611, 600 and 623.

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Mäkelänrinteen uimahalli - Urheiluhallit

Swimming hall

  • Large pool 50 m x 20 m, 27 °C
    • 5 lanes, length 50 m
    • 10 lanes, length 25 m
    • depth 1,2 m – 2,0 m
    • Some of the lanes are used for guided water exercise and swimming schools.
  • Diving / aquajogging pool, 27 °C
    • depth 5 m, size 25 x 16,5 m
  • Hydro massage pool, 31 °C
    • depth 0,9 m – 1,4 m
  • Children’s pool/teaching pool, 31 °C
    • depth 30 cm – 90 cm
  • Paddling pool, 31 °C
    • depth 20 cm – 40 cm
  • Cold water pool, 8 – 11 °C
  • Pool lift
  • Saunas ans steam saunas

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Mäkelänrinteen kuntosali - Urheiluhallit


The gym, which was expanded and renovated in 2022, is bright and large, and equipped with a diverse range of equipment.

A gym program tailored to your needs is a great support for training, and if you wish, a Personal Trainer will help you achieve the results you need.

The age limit for the gym is 15 years.

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Mäkelänrinteen HOT harjoitusalue

HOT -exercise area

The HOT training area has Mondo as a special platform where it is pleasant and safe to do jumps, bounces, running pull-ups and jump exercises.

Patterns painted on the mat as well as spinning wheels and equipment located in the area can be used for training. Intensive classes are also held here.

The HOT training area is located on the second and third floors of the pool area. Temperature (30-32 degrees) and humidity (50-55 percent) make the area unique.

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Mäkelänrinteen ryhmäliikuntasali

Group exercise hall

Mäkelänrinne group exercise classes are held in the group exercise hall (120 m²) on the 3rd floor.

Mäkelänrinne’s group exercise offering is versatile, as various classes are organised not only in the group exercise facility but also in the pool, HOT area and functional Mondo area. There are almost 50 water exercise classes per week alone. Feel free to try different classes and find your own favourites! 

Remember to take advantage of the swim bonus and go swimming and to the sauna  after your workout.

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HOT -ryhmäliikunta - Urheiluhallit

HOT -group exercise

The heat and humidity conditions of the HOT area, located on the second floor of the pool area, make the training special.

The space organizes various group exercise classes, such as Core & Stretching, Yoga, Pilates and Body Care & Mobility.

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Mäkelänrinne liikuntahalli - Urheiluhallit

Ball sports hall

The multipurpose sports hall in Mäkelänrinne is 990 m² (45 m x 22 m) in size and the floor material of the hall is parquet. The hall also has a small grandstand for about 200 people.

The floor can be divided into three parts by intermediate curtains. The smaller courts can be used for floorball, volleyball, badminton and basketball.

The sports hall is used by Urhea Upper Secondary School during the day, but on weekday evenings and weekends the sports hall is reserved for our customers.

Bookings: tilavaraukset@urheiluhallit.fi

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Vuokrattavat tilat - Urheiluhallit

Meeting room

The meeting room, which was renovated in 2022, can accommodate up to 26 people. The meeting room has 22 chairs, of which 16 are on rollers and 6 without. In addition, there are 2 double sofas.

A network connection (Wi-Fi), digital display, projector and flipchart are available.

After the meeting, you can take advantage of the hall’s other services for a one-time fee.

The space can be rented during the hall’s opening hours.

44 € / h

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Mäkelänrinteen tilaussauna - Urheiluhallit

Private sauna

The private sauna, which was renewed in 2022, can accommodate up to 20 people. The private sauna is located on the 3rd floor of Mäkelänrinne, which also has access to the pool area. In addition to the sauna, there are two dressing rooms, a toilet and a sauna-lounge with a flat-screen TV.

The sauna must be reserved for at least two (2) hours. The rent of the private sauna includes towels and sauna seat covers, as well as the use of the meeting room.

After the sauna, you can take advantage of the hall’s other services for a one-time fee.

The space can be rented during the hall’s opening hours.


  • Mon-Thu 2 h (sauna and meeting room) 110,00 €
  • Fri-Sun 2 h (sauna and meeting room) 148,00 €
  • Additional hours 37,00 €

Swimming fee at a discount price of 3,50 € / person, regular price 7,00 €

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Solarium - Urheiluhallit


You can visit our solarium for a one-visit fee or buy a ten-visit solarium card.

The solarium booking lasts a total of 30 minutes, and the solarium device can be used for a maximum of 20 minutes at a time.

Inquiries and bookings directly from the hall’s customer service.

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Mäkelänrinteen ryhmäpukuhuone

Group changing room

At Mäkelänrinne it is possible to make use of the group dressing room. Book in advance from the hall’s customer service.

Lounaskahvila Uppopulla Mäkelänrinne

Cafe Uppopulla

Lounchcafe Uppopulla
tel. 09 3488 6591

Mon-Fri 6.45–20.00 (kitchen open 11.00–18.00)
Sat-Sun 9.00–19.00 (kitchen open 11.00–17.00)

Café Uppopulla offers delicious lunches and tasty coffees, as well as always fresh, self-baked buns. Our spacious café restaurant is located on the second floor of Mäkelänrinne.

The menu includes three salad options every day, as well as two hot lunch dishes. Children’s meals for children under 10 years old. In addition to the menu selection, Greek salad, goat cheese salad, tuna salad, shrimp salad and chicken salad are also available daily.

Catering can be ordered from the cafeteria to be served in the reserved meeting room.

Mäkelänrinteen testiasema - Urheiluhallit

Testing facility

A new fitness test station has been opened, located on the 3rd floor of our Mäkelänrinne hall. We carry out body composition analyses and fitness tests to determine your starting fitness level and then monitor your progress. Read more about fitness tests


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Swimming schools

Group exercise


Ball sports

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