All charging points operate with a power of 22 kW and are suitable for all electric and hybrid cars. The devices work with Helen Lataus’s charging card.

Please note that in addition to the charging fee, you need to pay a parking fee (Mäkelänrinne: 1,50 € / hour, paid at the vending machine in the lobby, with the ParkMan or EasyPark app; Malmi: 1,00 € /hour, paid at the hall vending machine, ParkMan or EasyPark app; Pasila: 1,50 € /hour, paid at a vending machine, ParkMan or with the EasyPark app).

Customer registered for Helen Lataus
  • The price for customers registered with Helen Lataus is EUR 0.25 per kWh for the first three hours.
    After three hours, the pricing changes to power and time, in which case the price is 0,25 € / kWh + 1 € / h.
  • A customer registered with Helen Lataus can start charging either with Helen Lataus’s RFID charging card or by logging in to the Virta mobile application with Helen Lataus’s credentials. In addition to Helen’s charging points, Helen Lataus’s customers have access to the Finland-wide charging network of our partner Virta. You can register for the service here: (in Finnish)
Customer who has not registered for Helen Lataus
  • If the customer has not registered for the Helen Lataus service and pays for charging on Helen’s one-off payment page with a credit card, charging costs EUR 0.33 per kWh for the first three hours.
    After three hours, the pricing becomes power and time-based, in which case the price is € 0.33 / kWh + € 1.29 / h.