To make your visit as pleasant as possible, please pay attention to our Rules and Regulations.

1. Hygiene

For hygiene reasons, wash thoroughly before going to the sauna and pools: Take a shower naked, wash off makeup so that the grease does not get into the pool, rinse your hair properly (removing hair styling products, loose hair, moisturizers, makeup, etc.). If you don’t want to wet your hair, wear a swim cap. For aquajogging, you can also use a shower cap. Be sure tie up long hair. You can borrow a hair loop from the lifeguard station if you have forgotten your own. Remember to leave your swimwear in the washroom during the sauna. Use a seating mat or peflet in the sauna. Shower also after sauna before going to the pool. Enter the washrooms and sauna without a swimsuit (except for people who have a license badge on the swimsuit). Shaving hair, hair dyeing or cutting, nail and foot care or other similar procedures are not allowed on the premises. We encourage that you to bring a workout towel with you to the gym and group exercise classes. Consider others and the overall gym cleanliness by wiping down the gym equipment after use. We also recommend that you use a workout towel over your mat in group exercise classes.

2. Clothing and equipment

2.1. Swimwear and swim cap

All customers within the pool area are required to be attired in swimwear intended for swimming in the swimming pool. Swimwear can be sleeved or legged. Beach shorts are not allowed, but shorts designed specifically for swimming are (not more than knee length). Shorts fabric must be thin, non-absorbent, and fast-drying material, such as Lycra. Underwear is not allowed to be worn under swimwear. Skirts and dresses are also not allowed. If needed, you may rent proper swimwear from the hall’s customer service point. Please wear a swim cap if you choose not to wet your hair. During water exercise classes, you may also wear a shower cap. Remember also to tie back long hair. You may borrow a hair tie from the lifeguard station if you forgot to bring one.

2.2. Exercise clothes (gym, group exercise and ball sports)

In the gym, group exercise and ball sports, wear indoor exercise shoes and appropriate indoor exercise clothing. It is not allowed to enter the sports facilities in question (gym, group exercise an ball sports halls) barefoot, in socks, outdoor shoes or shoes that have been worn outdoors. Some of the group exercise classes are held barefoot (e.g., BODYBALANCE, Yoga and Pilates) – you can check this for each class in the class selection. For group exercise and in the gym, we recommend that you to use a workout towel.

2.3. Rental items

Please return rental towels and swimwear to the customer service point after use.

3. Age limits

Children under the age of 10, and customers who cannot swim, need a companion who is at least 15 years old, with swimming skills, to enter the swimming pool area. Children over the age of eight who can swim need a written and signed consent from a parent or guarding to swim alone. Children over the age of seven must use gender assigned locker rooms. NOTE! Children who cannot swim must be accompanied in the pool on a maximum of three children to one adult basis.

Additionally, only customers who can swim at least 25 meters are allowed entry to the 25- and 50-meter pools.

The age limit for the gym and group exercise is 15. Small children are not allowed in the gym for safety reasons.

The age limit for the solarium is 18.

4. Code of conduct

All our customers have the right to use our services in peace without having to experience any kind of harassment or inappropriate behavior.

By taking others into account while swimming, aquajogging, group exercising or training at the gym, you can ensure enjoyable recreation for yourself and others.

Urheiluhallit personnel have the right to remove any customers from the premises who are under the influence or causing disturbance. Please report any unwanted behavior to our personnel.

Our personnel order and safety instructions must be followed without exception. Person or organization that breaks our Rules and Regulations can be asked to exit our premises or banned from using our services for a set term or indefinitely.

5. Exercise equipment

Please consult our personnel for the proper and safe use of the swim, group and gym exercise equipment available for borrowing as well as where to return them. If needed, our personnel will also instruct you on the permitted and safe places of use of the various equipment. Please return all weights and equipment to their respective places after use. No floats or buoyancy suits may be used in the recreation pools. In the multipurpose pool at Vuosaari, the use of these are allowed.

6. Personal safety
  • Jumping and diving into the water is permitted only in the deep end of the pool.
  • Please follow the instructions given to you by our personnel.
  • Come and exercise only when you are healthy.
  • The swimming facility floors might be slippery when wet, therefore, running is not allowed.
  • We recommend that you follow a personalized gym workout plan, made by one of our gym instructors, when training in the gym.
  • Always use a water bottle with a cap. Fragile objects, such as glass bottles, should not be brought into the hall premises.
  • Please consult our personnel for assistance when needed.
  • Freediving is not allowed.

Please remember that you are responsible for your own safety. The Service Provider’s responsibilities for its operations and for the possible damages caused to the Customer are determined by the Tort Liability Act and Consumer Protection Act regulations.

7. Valuables and Lost and Found

We recommend leaving all valuables at home. We have safety deposit boxes for your wallet, mobile phone and keys. In each hall, the Lost and Found is located at the customer service point. The Service Provider is not responsible for lost or stolen property at any time.

8. Safekeeping

Lockers and safety deposit boxes are for daily use only, overnight storage is not allowed.

9. Own snacks

Eating your own snacks is not allowed in the café and pool areas.

10. Responsibility for damages

Anyone causing deliberate vandalism to our establishment is solely responsible for all damage expenses.

11. Mobile phone use

Leave your mobile phone in the safety deposit box. If you need your phone during a workout, keep it on silent. Handle calls and video calls outside the gym. Be sure to use headphones if you are listening to music. In this way, both yourself and others have the opportunity for undisturbed exercise.

12. Photography

Photography or filming of any kind are not allowed in our facilities without permission.

We wish you an enjoyable visit and a warm welcome back!

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