Spacious and bright gym with a wide range of equipment.

A gym program tailored to your needs is a great support for training, and if you wish, a personal trainer will help you achieve the results you need.

The age limit for the gym is 15 years.

Töölö gym


  1. TechnoGym Rotary Torso
  2. Ab bench / David B90
  3. Matrix Rotary Torso
  4. TechnoGym Selection Lower Back
  5. TechnoGym Selection Total Lower Back
  6. Gym 80 Lady Butterfly
  7. Gym 80 Lat Pulley
  8. Gym 80 Kneeling-Chinning-Dipping
  9. Gym 80 Multipress Station
  10. TechnoGym Low Row
  11. TechnoGym Chest Press
  12. TechnoGym Leg Extension
  13. TechnoGym Rotary Hip
  14. TechnoGym Leg Curl
  15. Gym 80 4-Tower Station, Long Pull
  16. Gym 80 4-Tower Station, Lat Pulley
  17. Gym 80 4-Tower Station, Lat Pulley
  18. TechnoGym Leg Press
  19. TechnoGym Selection Adductor
  20. TechnoGym Selection Abductor
  21. Gym 80 Adjustable Single Station
  22. Gym 80 Crossover Station
  23. Precor Squat Machine
  24. Squat bench / Gymleco
  25. Squat rack / TechnoGym
  26. Gym 80 Sygnum Leg Press
  27. David Scott Curl
  28. Bench press / Normann 10 
  29. Bench press/ Normann 10 
  30. Hack-squat machine / Normann 602B
  31. Selkäpenkki / TechnoGym
  32. David Abdominal Flexor
  33. Crunch / David c92
  34. Matrix Medical Leg Press



Personal training ensures the safety of training, increases motivation and guarantees the surest way to achieve the desired results.


Our professional exercise instructors will guide you in the use of the equipment and create a personal gym program for beginners and more experienced trainers alike.


Whether you are just starting exercise, wanting to get more fit or simply monitoring your active training, fitness testing can assess your current fitness levels and provide you with instructions for future training.


A comfortable and safe way to practice gym training. At the beginning of the class, there is a joint warm-up, after which everyone will move on to the gym to do our own workouts.