The rent includes the use of the agreed sports facility and its equipment for said sport (not rackets/balls), regular lighting, and the use of the changing rooms and showers.

The Customer has a half an hour for washing and dressing after the reserved booking ends. If the booking ends at the halls closing time, the Customer has 15 minutes for washing and dressing up before exiting the premises.

The Service Provider sends an invoice once a month (or as agreed) retrospectively, and the payment term is 14 days net. Other payment methods are cash, debit cards, Nets Oy credit cards or exercise benefits, but the payment must be made at the hall’s customer service point before a rent invoice is drawn. The price includes VAT.

The Customer is responsible for the payment of all agreed booking hours, even if the facility is not used every time. The Customer can, however, place individual bookings for sale by notifying the hall’s customer service. If the booking cannot be sold further, the Customer is charged for the rent as usual.

The Service Provider has the right to cancel the Customers booking if it coincides with a public holiday when the hall is closed or when the hall is hosting a competition or an event at the said facility. The Service Provider will notify the Customer well in advance of any cancellations and the Customer will not be charged for any of these cancelled hours.

The Customer agrees to follow the hall’s general Rules and Regulations

The agreement is made for a fixed term.

The reservation becomes binding when the customer makes an order confirmation or accepts the offer.

We reserve the right to make changes.