Firmanpiikki is a great choice for companies! You choose which sports your staff can do in our halls on behalf of the company and decide on the sports support section. The support can be 25%, 50%, 75% or the full 100%, and when the employee comes to move, the employee pays the deductible at the cash register. Your company will only be billed for actual sports visits. Opening and maintaining the contract is free of charge!

The employees are identified when they come to move (ID card) and the visit is recorded in the Firmanpiikki invoicing agreement. According to the agreement, we invoice the company monthly or twice a year. Attached to the invoice is a list of names of those who have used sports services, which makes it easy for the company to monitor the use of the personnel’s exercise benefit.

Multi-visit and monthly cards as well as single visits to swimming and badminton

You can choose either single, multi-visit or monthly cards. Multi-visit and monthly cards are charged according to the normal price list. Multi-visit and monthly cards are loaded into the employee’s personal customer account, to which a customer card is attached. The customer card (value 4 €) is included in the price for a new customer and can be collected from the hall’s customer service.

Firmanpiikki discount prices:

Group exercise 8,50 € / visit
Gym training 7,00 € / visit

Group exercise includes a swim bonus at all of our locations. Gym training includes swim bonus (with the exception of Mäkelänrinne 3 € and Vuosaari 2 € intermediate fee). No swimming opportunities at our Pasila location.

Other sports, such as swimming and ball games, are normally priced. 

See price list


We will reply to your email within three weekdays and send you instructions on how to use Firmanpiikki.

N.B.! If you choose multi-visit or monthly card, these will be loaded onto your personal customer card. The customer card is free of charge for those buying a smulti-visit or a monthly card (normal price 4 €).