A Sound bath is a moment of relaxation during which there is no need to perform or stress. During the class, you sit or lie down on a yoga mat, and the instructor plays various metal, hand-forged bowls. You only have focus on yourself and your state of being. Chalices, cymbals and gongs hum gently around you, pampering both your body and mind. You can relax and bathe in the images created by sounds.

During the class, you will have access to a mat, pillow and blanket so that you can find a comfortable and relaxing position. The Sound bath lasts a total of one hour and includes an introduction, a sound bath and recovery to the present moment. The sound bowls are played for about 45 minutes.

Please arrive no later than 5 minutes before the class starts. In this way, we guarantee everyone’s relaxation. We recommend dressing casually and warmly for the class. It is worth bringing wool socks, a beanie and a scarf. Relaxation is easier when you are warm.

For whom?

The class is suitable for all ages, but before the class please mention if you have a pacemaker, are in chemotherapy or, for example, you are in the first trimester of pregnancy.

Where are Sound baths held?

Malmi, Mäkelänrinne, Töölö and Pasila.


The Sound bath lasts a total of one hour and includes instructions, the sound bath itself and recovery to the present moment. Sound bowls and other instruments are played for 40-45 minutes.


20 € / visit

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