Firstbeat Life measurement is effortless: the small and discreet measuring device is easy to use both at work and in your free time. Firstbeat Life tells you how you are doing – which features of your lifestyle are in order and what you should pay attention to, to feel better. You will receive information about your resources, your stress, the quality of your sleep and the adequacy of your physical activity. The results obtained are helpful in weight management, improving sleep quality or recovering from stress. Firstbeat Life measures heart rate and heart rate variability, from which various physiological states are identified.

The daily results of the Firstbeat Life measurement show:

  • Stress-recovery balance
  • Quantity, quality, and restorative effect of sleep
  • The amount of aerobic exercise that maintains health and improves fitness.
  • Body resources

You will receive feedback on the measurement immediately in the Firstbeat Life app. In addition, your measurement results will be reviewed with a Firstbeat Life expert (30 min. teams meeting) to make a plan for changes that will increase your strength.

Price: 200 €


3-5 days (two to four working days and one day off). The measurement is carried out two (2) times during the three-month license.

The meter is held on the body all the time except during showering. Firstbeat Life records daily work and sleep time, as well as other events of the day.

At the end of the measurement, you can see your results in the Firstbeat Life app. The results show whether the quantity and quality of recovery is sufficient to restore the resources consumed. Your measurement results will be reviewed with a Firstbeat Life expert (30 min. Teams meeting / per. measurement) and a plan will be made for changes that will increase your resources.


Preferred day no earlier than 7 business days from now.

We will contact you by e-mail before confirming the testing time.