Swimming as a form of exercise attracts large numbers of people of all ages, and it maintains its position as one of the most popular forms of exercise year after year. No wonder, because swimming is a sport where you get fit with relatively little effort.

Water is an effective element because it resists all movement and is a thousand times denser than air. Exercising in water improves aerobic fitness, strengthens muscles, relaxes and also rehabilitates injuries gently but effectively. Swimming does not strain the tendons and joints, and its invigorating effect lasts for a long time. So come and take a dip in one of our seven swimming pools alone, as a couple, in a group or with the whole family!


Is the same swimming card valid for all halls? What should proper swimwear be like? What are the swimming hall rules? These are questions that our customers often ask before entering the swimming pools. To make the swimming experience as comfortable as possible, it is advisable to familiarize yourself with the swimming and water sports customer info in advance.


Swimming skills refer to the ability to swim in water at least 200 meters continuously. At least 50 meters of this distance should be backstroke.

Just staying afloat doesn’t always motivate you to splash around on the swimming tracks and join the active swimmers. You can, however, gain motivation for swimming from swimming school groups or private lessons.  We arrange swimming schools all year round for both adults and children, from beginners to advanced swimmers.

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Group exercise: After your group exercise class, you can go to the sauna and swim at no extra charge. No swimming opportunities in Pasila.

Gym: After your workout, you can go to the sauna and swim. In Mäkelänrinne and Vuosaari there is an additional fee (3 € /2 €). No swimming opportunities in Pasila.


Swimming is a technique and relaxation sport that takes time and patience to learn.

Go to swimming school or take a private lesson – this way you can master the sport faster. Learning new things is always faster than correcting old mistakes.

Exercise regularly and with concentration. Learning is most effective when you focus one hundred percent on one thing at a time. It’s easy for your mind to wander, but try to regain focus on swimming.

Keep the joy of learning!