Baby swimming is a shared play time between the baby and parents under the supervision of a trained instructor in clean and heated water. The goal of baby swimming is to make the child a water lover. Baby swimming can be started at the earliest at the age of 3 months, when the child’s waking hours are long enough and there is more energy for movement.

The child must weigh at least 5 kg to stay warm in water at least 32 degrees. The swimming time is 30 minutes and can be reduced if the child is tired. In addition to the baby, two adults can participate in the baby swim.


The purpose of baby swimming is to accustom the child to the water and support the development of the child in his or her first years. In baby swimming, the child is not taught to swim, but baby swimming supports learning to swim later. All children are individuals and develop at their own pace, so the guidance takes place with respect for the will and pace of development of each child.

The price of baby swimming includes the participation of the child and 1–2 adults in the class. So, it is enough to have only one adult involved, but at least one must come to the pool with the baby each time. The adult accompanying the baby may change during the course, that is, instead of parents, grandparents, for example, may be involved.

It is a good idea to schedule the child’s meals 1-1.5 h before swimming. In this case, the risk of regurgitation in the pool is reduced, but the child is still able to participate in baby swimming.

If you are ill, you should not go into the pool because of the risk of infection and to prevent sequelae.

Also pay attention to a sufficiently long recovery period. Unfortunately, we will not compensate for any absences. In case of long illnesses, you can contact (a medical certificate is required).

You will need to bring swimwear and towels for the child and adults. For the child, we recommend wearing a swim diaper, as well as a full-body swimsuit that makes it easier to handle the baby in the pool.

There are some loan basket carriers and treatment trays in the hall, but you can also take your own with you if you wish. Basket carriers are convenient in the shower area so that you can lower the baby down for the duration of your own washing. The stroller should be left outside, as our space is very limited. If you wish, please bring your own lock and rain cover for the stroller.

It is advisable to arrive at the swimming hall about 15 minutes before the start of the lesson. When entering the hall, register with your name at the swimming hall customer service point. You can go to the children’s pool next to the teaching pool about five minutes before the start of the class, which avoids congestion in the washrooms when the shift changes. After the class, exit directly to the washing facilities.

Before baby swimming, careful washing is very important! You should take a shower without swimwear and wash off any makeup and hair styling products. Rinse your hair, put on a swimming cap or tie up long hair. All jewelry, including earrings, watches, rings, and activity trackers, should be removed before entering the pool. Following the hygiene guidelines will help keep the bathing water clean and as low chlorine as possible, which is important for babies.

We advise that you go to the sauna only after swimming, so that the child does not catch a cold during swimming due to large temperature fluctuations. You can only go to the sauna without a swimsuit, and if there are children under the age of one in the sauna, it is prohibited to cast water on the stove.

Especially in the first few baby swimming lessons, the child may not be able to spend half an hour swimming. It’s a good idea to leave the pool earlier if the child is tired or hungry. If the child is crying during swimming, you can try calming him/ her down in the shower area or in the small pool.

For more information, you can ask by e-mail nea.teponoja(at)

Single lessons:

If the customer cannot attend the baby swimming lesson at the time reserved for it, this must be reported as soon as possible, but no later than 24 hours before the booked lesson to Siltamäki’s customer service (tel. 09 3488 6500). In this case, we can postpone the booked lesson to another available time at no cost (no refund option). Cancellations made later only upon presentation of a medical certificate (view Terms and Conditions of Customer Contracts, section 12).

N.B! Baby swimming lessons that are not cancelled or cancelled less than 24 hours before will be charged in full.


All cancellations are subject to a 10 € processing fee. Regardless of whether the participation fee has been paid through customer service or the Urheiluhallit web store, any cancellation must be made six weeks (42 days) before the start of the course. Cancellations made later than this only upon presentation of a medical certificate. Registrations for all events are binding, cancellations only with a medical certificate (view Terms and Conditions of Customer Contracts, section 12).

We do not compensate for possible absences from courses. In case of long illness, please contact nea.teponoja(at) (medical certificate required).


Toddler swimming is a shared play time between the child and parents under the supervision of a trained instructor in clean and heated water. The goal of toddler swimming is to make your child a water lover.

The swimming time is 30 minutes and can be reduced if the child is tired. In addition to a child, two adults can participate in toddler swimming.


  • Babies 3–12 months
  • Toddlers 1–3 years

Note! You can also purchase individual classes (16 € / class)

You can continue swimming after baby and toddler swimming at the family swimming school for 3–4-year-olds.