We organize swimming schools for swimmers of all levels and ages. However, if schedules and hurries do not allow you to commit to the courses, individually tailored private swimming lessons are an excellent solution. In this case, schedules, goals and teaching location are agreed together with the teacher. Private swimming lessons can be individual, pair or group lessons, and one or more lessons can be taken as needed. The better you can swim, the more you enjoy it!

Customized lessons

In private swimming lessons, the lesson is built to suit the participant. Swimming provides accurate, personal feedback and learning is effective. Private instruction in swimming does not only have to be a technique lesson, but it can be an exercise in elementary skills or smaller areas such as breathing.

Children can also take part in private swimming lessons. In this case, it is recommended that one of the parents accompany the pool. In this way, both the child and the parent benefit from the teaching situation. Subsequently, the parent can act as a teacher himself.

Private teaching enables more efficient learning

Examples of groups for which private instruction is suitable:

Timid children (over 5 years old)

Fear of water manifests itself, for example, when the child moves very cautiously in the water and refuses to dive. When a timid child wants to be part of a swimming school group, extra private lessons can help move forward. In addition, there are children for whom school swimming causes stress because they do not know how to swim very well or at all. As they learn the technique a little better, swimming lessons start to feel comfortable too.

Children requiring guidance with technique

For example, a child may be interested in joining a swimming club or is already in a swimming club, but their swimming skills are not very good. In this case, parents can take a technology teacher for their child who will help move forward.

Adults requiring guidance with technique

Precision training for adults who want to hone a specific technique (e.g. freestyle or breaststroke). Classes are also held in English.


In private lessons, those practicing the sport receive tailored tips for both swimming technique and training.

Price 75 € / person, couple lessons 120 € (60 €/person)

Price list
Private lesson for a group or company

In addition, at Mäkelänrinne:

Swimming video and feedback 100 € / person, 150 € / 2 persons  (60 min)

Teacher Sebastian Dannberg
For more information, contact:  sebastian.dannberg(at)