Water exercise classes with different themes to the music. The instructions for the lessons come from a large screen, where the movements are easy to follow. A virtual instructor guides you to do the movements correctly and encourages you to do them effectively. 

N.B! These scheduled classes are held only at our Töölö hall for group exercise card holders and for swimming and gym card holders for an additional fee of 2 €. The classes must be booked in advance from the web store or customer service.

Watch the class introduction video.

At Kontula, Malmi and Vuosaari, you can do virtual water workouts on your own, whenever it suits you. The training instructions are subtitled, otherwise the program is silent. Read more here.

Water exercise is effective, but joint-friendly. The class develops both aerobic fitness and muscular endurance.

Swimwear. Wear a swimming cap or shower cap if you don’t want to wet your hair. If you wet your hair, long hair should be tied up.



Do you like moving to the music? You have founf the right class! Improve your fitness, challenge your coordination in your own style and feel the energy all the way to your fingertips. Hydrohex BEAT combines rhythm and the joy of moving in water!

Move #6

Hydrohex MOVE is for everyone – whether you are a beginner or an experienced water enthusiast. In the core sections, MOVE’s simple and effective movements focus on core strength and posture, while mobility develops thanks to water support and dynamic movements. You’ll feel energetic and upbeat when you get out of the pool – MOVE is a great way to start your day!

Power #6

Time to unleash your power with Hydohex POWER #6! Feel strength and control over your whole body with rotational training and various heart rate challenges! The new wave of Hydrohex POWER invites you to discover your limits and push them at your own pace. Get out of the pool strong every time and come back even stronger.

Cardio #6

Get ready for the endurance heart rate challenge! Improve endurance, agility and discover new levels of your heart rate with running, jumps and intervals. Hydrohex CARDIO #6 guarantees an immersive training experience with motivating guidance and empowering music to help you reach any goal!




Experience combat sports in the water!


Effective cardio and conditioning workout in the water.


High-intensity water workout.